Balenciaga exhibition L’Oeuvre au Noir

If you are interested in Fashion, pay a visit to Musée Bourdelle in Paris before July 16th. In many respects, couture and sculpture have a common approach, a similar “canvas”.  The exhibition presents a selection of dresses, hats and accessories, most of them in Black, displayed next to Bourdelle’s sculptures. About the choice of the theme Balenciaga in Black:  “Balenciaga cultivated the infinite shades of Black as if they were metamorphoses. He used the interplay of shadows, sheens and transparency as matter for creation. In whatever form it took, this non-colour was his way of emphasizing the shape of his models. It brought density to the volumes and intensity of expression”. (Source: Petit Journal de l’Exposition)

Among the different sections:

Black and transparency: with all kinds of floating and shades of opaqueness. This section exposes the use of laces, which embodied the soul of Spanish folklore




Black and sheen: the duality of light and shade, brilliant black of elegance and matt black of mourning, refers also to Balenciaga’s cultural origin. His inspiration for embroidered beads and sequins come from his collections of late 19th century dresses.




Black drapes and volumes: like a sculptor, Balenciaga would adapt the cut and drape on the silhouette to the thickness, weight and feel of the fabric.

Source photos: MC. Cervellon

Volez Voguez Voyagez with Louis Vuitton

During the Holiday Season in Paris, do not miss the Louis Vuitton exhibition in Grand Palais and learn about the French art of traveling. The journey starts in the first room with a trunk inventoried in the 1906 reference catalogue. The elements which have become iconic were already featured: ribbon tufting, canvas and locks. Louis Vuitton’s innovations follow the evolution of travel, the rise of yachting, the invention of automobile, the aviation odyssey, and the improved comfort of trains. In the last room, craftsmen demonstrate Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and attention to details. The experience is enhanced if you travel with the exhibition mobile app. If you want to learn what is luxury, a must-go.