Create a student’s blog and share your passion for a luxury sector

You are passionate about a luxury sector? Have a parti-pris. Create an educational blog and share your passion! Your students’ blogs have to be uploaded before the end of the month. Make sure you use your own pictures or pictures labeled for reuse. Becareful this should not be a lifestyle blog or a diary on your enjoyable life at EDHEC… Readers should find information, and learn, on the sector of your choice.

You will have to defend your blog in front of your peers. In class, present your marketing strategy: your blog audience? benchmark? blog positioning? what content? why would brands be interested in collaborating with your blog? how will you communicate on your blog? Show what you learnt from studying the Harvard case on “The Blonde Salad” Chiara Ferragni blog.

And enjoy…

To brands and institutions, these blogs are designed by students as a pedagogical exercise. If you notice copyright infringement and unfair use of pictures, please contact me and we will take actions.

Hotel Métropole Monte Carlo with Edhec BBA4 HLux

Voyage d’Ulysse at Metropole Monte Carlo


Baptiste Giabiconi as Ulysse at Metropole Monte Carlo

The Métropole Hotel Monte Carlo is an institution in Monaco. Born in 1886, its Belle Epoque building is located in Monaco Carré D’Or. The interior was redesigned by architect Jacques Garcia in 2004. The gastronomic restaurant is a Joël Robuchon 2 stars amazing creation. The exterior (swimming pool and exterior lounge) was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2012. Ulysse’s Travel is a vast fresco featuring Baptiste Giabiconi together with godesses in white togas. Our BBA 4th year students will have to make recommendations to this famous and iconic hotel. What a challenge! A thank you to Marie-Catherine Mars, Director BBA4 Horizon Luxe.

Students’ favorite digital luxury initiative

Year after year, we discover that the most hesitant luxury brands embrace digital channels. They lead digital innovations in physical stores, through their e-boutiques or their mobile applications. The challenge, then, is to be heart selling without being perceived hard selling.  Shade lights on luxury brands initiatives which, in your opinion, contribute to the brand dream value.

Featured picture: 3D immersive experience in Club Med Champs Elysées