Students’ favorite Responsible Luxury Initiatives

As discussed in class, the luxury industry faces many challenges in being socially and environmentally responsible. Yet, many brands are engaged in initiatives which contribute to the welfare of society; they remain silent on their engagement. Deep luxury lies in discretion. Shade lights on brand initiatives you judge authentic, legitimate and impactful, true to the brand heritage.

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  2. Dear all,

    Here is a short resumé of the great Tsala Resort sustainability participation regarding South African environment protection. I still admire their care with little children and the fact that the hotel clients can participate too, and so share empathy with local population who welcome them during their trip. This is a good lesson of humanity, don’t you think?

  3. Marie-Cécile,

    I chose to highlight the responsible behavior of Pernod-Ricard. One of the leader companies in the wine and spirits industry, Pernod-Ricard has been awarded last year for its CSR approach.

    They are working on 4 main areas of engagement:
    – Empower their employees
    – Promote responsibly drinking
    – Protect our planet
    – Develop their communities and their partners

    I think they really deserve this award because they have been involved in CSR for many years, a long time before their competitors. This historical engagement to CSR is one of the company core values. Their first action regarding CSR was in 1966: the creation the Institut Océanographique. They also created a network of CSR leaders within the company in order to take care of the CSR implementation. This committee is present across 75 countries.

  4. Dear all,

    « I design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment. For every piece in every collection, I am always asking what have we done to make this garment more sustainable and what else can we do. It is a constant effort to improve… » said Stella McCartney about her brand and sustainability.

    Wishing you a pleasant reading on


  5. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Good evening,
    I send you my favorite sustainable brand as expected.
    I woud like to stress out the luxury brand called Guerlain that is deeply involved in the sustainable development by using a sustainable transport with a partnership to decrease their carbon emissions.
    The brand also promotes its biodiversity hiring employees with diverse backgrounds and cultures ; an eco-design with raw materials in their fragrances & cosmetics and packaging ; an ISO 14001 certification and a responsible display in their sales point.

    The luxury brand always strives for a continuous improvement with its EPI indicator “Envionmental Performance Indicator”.
    Guerlain aims to mainly reduce its environmental impact by involving all its stackholders with a CSR approach and highlight its commitment in an environmentally-friendly vision.

    Please find bellow a few links on the subject :

    Thank you,
    Warm regards.

  6. Hi everyone,

    I chose an article about Fairmont Hotels & Resorts because it is a global leader in the hotel industry. So I think that a responsible approach is needed for luxury brands and more for hotels in order to protect their reputation and show that they adapt day by day in changes of the society.

    What’s more, hotels of the group are related to prestige and build their reputation on the dream and the exception but there should also participate today in the non-degradation of the environment which becomes a key point for customers.
    I put you in link below the article on one of the group’s objectives in terms of sustainable development:

    Thank you,
    Best regards

  7. Dear everybody,

    I would like to highlight the Porsche initiative in the construction of the mission E concept prototype, which is a 100% electric car conserving the famous 911 model. It puts in common the sport design and capacity with a sustainable energy, with a better impact for the environment. We can also say now, Porsche is a Tesla direct competitor.
    I think this is a really good decision for the Volswagen Group to care about sustainable development and moreover in the car sector which pollute a lot nowdays.

    Link to the website :
    Link to the video :

    Thanks Marie-Cécile to let us the opportunity to share our ideas.


  8. I really appreciate the guidelines of Stella McCartney. This brand is involved in many programs such as the use of climate cars or organic cotton.
    She also did a video for PETA where she explains how is the traitment of animals is horrible in several country. Millions of animals died every year. And she decided to leave leather out of her collections.

    Best regards,


  9. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I chose an article from Tiffany& Co and their Corporate Responsibility. I would like to highlight Tiffany’s responsibilities. When we want to make responsible initiatives, brands needs to be focused first on the heart of this problem.
    That’s what Tiffany understood. In their hometown, New-York City the corporate office,they are LEED certified to the platinum level. Moreover, they have been responding company to the CDP Climate Change request during 9 years and now make different actions to reduce their carbon footprint. The luxury sector is able to become aware of these problems. You just have to start somewhere.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

  10. Hi everyone,

    I would like to inform you about the EcoChic Design Award which involves young fashion designers in Europe and Asia. This competition looks really interesting because it helps some futur famous designers to use ecology as an inspiration.
    This is a new step of sustainability: take advantage of this preoccupation.

    For more info, watch the video or read the french article.

    Best Regards,

  11. Hi all,

    Chanel practices ethically and social responsibly. Corporate social responsibility is a business’s concern for society’ welfare.

    Chanel participates yearly in donating the cosmetic products to help people with cancer to “look good” and “feel better.”

    Chanel designers collaborate to produce apparel and accessories made with recycled plastic and now it is easier for consumers to find clothing and accessories that are made with recycled plastics.


  12. Marie-Cécile,

    You will find an article that deals with Chopard and Sustainable Luxury.
    The ethical element is more and more important in jewelry. Chopard is working closely with the company Eco-Age and is involved in the “Journey to Sustainable Luxury program”. Indeed, Chopard is working with suppliers who respect “eco-responsible” practices and showed new creations of a high jewelry collection called Green carpet collection during the 66th edition of the Festival de Cannes.

  13. I choose the Hotel de Crillon in the heart of Paris, because the Hotel adopted a proactive policy of corporate social responsability .

    In fact when we can read in this article one of their famous action was to make fashion accessories like bags with the tarpaulin who was in the entrance while the Hotel de Crillon was renovated.

    Their initative let people think about that ….

  14. Marie-Cécile,

    I choose an article about the ecodesign made by Guerlain. The goal for the workers is to think differently about the luxury of tomorow with innovative ideas in order to reduce the environnemental impact. Guerlain made a system that each product is rated by an Environmental Performance Index which shows the improvement of Guerlain’s product.

    This is a link to the website

    Best regards,


  15. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Please find the link to the sustainable initiative below.

    I have found a sustainable initiative from the brand Tiffany & Co. This luxury brand is known to take initiatives in environmental and social impacts. What I like about their initiatives is that they avoid sourcing “blood diamonds”, which means that they are only using diamonds from known mines or suppliers with multiple known mines. Furthermore, to reduce their carbon footprint, over half of the metals they use, are from recycled content. What is even better, even their blue paper bags and boxes are fully recyclable. Lastly, the most important point is that Tiffany & Co started to take these initiatives way before many other luxury brands.

    Best regards,


  16. Hi everyone !

    I choose an article about Louboutin.

    The brand has created an eco friendly shoes made with trash.
    I think that this strategy of implementing the social responsability with its own product is creative. Moreover it was a huge success because many celebrities bought those shoes.

    To conclude i would say that Louboutin’ social responsibility has more impact with consumers than just supporting event or charity.

  17. Here is an interesting article about Estée Lauder’s point of view on Luxury pack. It points out that mass market and Luxury brands have a different sustainable strategy. Estée Lauder senior vice president Henry Renella states that to be efficient they have to use sustainable packaging but to make it looks like a « normal » luxury packaging. Indeed nice and fancy packaging is a huge part in luxury experience. Moreover I think the outside appearance of a product refers to the story-telling and brand image. Luxury brands have to deal with this matter really carefully.

  18. I would like to share with you the incredible initiative of Gucci and Unicef. They are working since 10 years together, and it goes very well because they already have helped 7,5 children in Sub-saharan Africa. Theses children can now go to school. I think this is a good initiative, especially because they help girls and women to go to school too.

  19. Hello Everyone,

    I don’t know if you heard the story about Jane Birkin who refused Hermes to sell the famous “Birkin” bag anymore because of the animals cruelty. This article explains how Hermes dealt with this situation and found a solution.
    Moreover, the article is in French, don’t hesitate and read it as soon as you can !,569700.html#.Vf3M72Ttmkp


  20. Marie-Cecile,

    Through this website, Tiffany’s Company explains how much they are concerned about the environment. Tiffany buys precious materials direclty from mines which are involded in responsible environmental management. Even better, the paper used for catalogs, the iconic blue bags and blue box come from sustainably managed forest.

  21. The luxury brand that I chose is BMW. I chose this brand for its respect of the environment across the production of the eco-responsible BMW i car. This innovation permits it to reduce energy consumption and emission of CO2 at each step of the value chain. The company invested 400 million euros and created over 800 new jobs. I think that this project is more innovative and avant-gardist given the actual economic context and social atmosphere. In addition, it will allow the brand to have a responsible image among its consumers.


    The example of Zainab Ashadu federates several aspects of sustainable development :

    -She uses local actors in his manufacture craft
    -The animals used for the clutches bags and handbags are selected in very limited amounts

    Zainab Ashadu’s mission is to deliver a luxury product manufactured thanks to Nigerian ancestral techniques .The real ” tribal storytelling” involves a patriotic and humanist commitment.The commitment of the young designer is authentic because she decides to produce handcrafted products with constraints which are not specific to the luxury sector.

    Best regards ,


  23. I chose to highlight the Charitable Foundation Cartier and more precisely of its partnership with the organization “Action contre la Faim” to fight against malnutrition in Burkina Faso through the creation of vegetable gardens. The initiative of Cartier is to act on a subject which does not concern its main activity and which is the opposite of luxury. Therefore, the brand proves that it is interested in others. This is also an opportunity for the brand to enhance its image.

    The link :

  24. I would like to share this amazing initiative. Through this commitment, Cartier thanks the women that have always been an inspiration for the brand. It is a way to encourage tomorrow’s talents and the most vulnerable category of entrepreneurs in their most vulnerable phase. More than 160 women already have the chance to be supported.,cartier-women-s-initiative-awards-les-femmes-creatives-et-engagees-recompensees,702596.asp

  25. Marie-Cécile,

    I found this article very interesting, because nowadays, it’s significant to have a sustainable initiative from a luxury brand.
    LVMH has chosen to invest in 2009 in Edun, an ethical fashion brand. In fact, Edun is based on a principle of fairness and works with subcontractors selected in Perou, India and Tunisia.

    Thanks for reading.

  26. Marie-Cécile,

    Here is a link regarding Four Seasons CSR policy. They have 3 pillars: supporting sustainability, building communities, advancing cancer research.
    This article affects the pillar supporting sustainability. The luxury hotel group wants to protect the elephant in Thailand. The group is engaged in this country because they have hotels on this country.
    By protecting the elephants, Four Seasons, raise awareness the guests from the hotels.


  27. Kering has developed an innovative tool.
    The environment EPL (EPL) makes the invisible impact of businesses visible, quantifiable and comparable.
    The benefits of an EPL is that it helps consumers discover potential efficiencies, innovations and improvements of the business. It’s better to understand the risks and opportunities of the business, it’s better for the relationship with a valuable engagement with suppliers, it’s a good way to build trust with stakeholders.
    With this tool, Kering, has discovered new opportunities to innovate, to become more efficient and to reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

  28. Link:

    Marie Cécile,

    I would like to highlight Gucci’s initiative with the project: “High street Fashion” which starts in Milan. Two years ago, Gucci signed an agreement with “TNT group Express”. Thanks to this company, Gucci can deliver its store with electric cars and put gather all deliveries of Kering group brands. I think, it’s important for a company to do this type of project. It shows that Gucci tries to protect our planet, our world. We can see that also luxury companies care about the environment!

    Best regards,


  29. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Jaeger-Lecoultre makes a commitment to sustainable development and eco-responsibility by different actions. For example the brand is involved in environmental protection, through the reduction of footprint, the use of natural ressources and the control of its energy consumption. Furthermore Jaeger-Lecoultre works with UNESCO in order to protect the marine heritage, which turned into an effective protection of the marine zone. This is an original and great involvement.


  30. Good evening Marie-Cécile,

    I chose an article about Tag Heuer, the top one in the world of the sport luxury watches. Compared to the other brands, Tag Heuer doesn’t have only one sustainable initiative. They already installed solar panels on their roof’s building in Switzerland, and they had a partnership with Leonard Di Caprio and the Green Cross for their international initiatives related to ecology. Now they just had a partnership with the biggest electric cars competition.

    In doing that, the brands shows that the luxury industry and the sustainable development can be linked. It’s a good point for both.

  31. Concorde Hotels & Resorts : 11 hotels with green Globe label in France

    I want to highlight the corporate, social and responsibility of this group because they put forward the 3 pillars (environment, respect of human and community). It’s really interesting because these issues are a concern for luxury clients, the questions related to climate change for example, and also to the well being of the employees such as gender equality.

    Thank you Marie-Cécile.

    1. Gucci Group doesn’t exist anymore, it is called Kering.
      But indeed, they are at the forefront of sustainability and integrates the most sustainable & responsible brand (Stella McCartney)

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