Students’ favorite digital luxury initiative

Year after year, we discover that the most hesitant luxury brands embrace digital channels. They lead digital innovations in physical stores, through their e-boutiques or their mobile applications. The challenge, then, is to be heart selling without being perceived hard selling.  Shade lights on luxury brands initiatives which, in your opinion, contribute to the brand dream value.

Featured picture: 3D immersive experience in Club Med Champs Elysées

62 thoughts on “Students’ favorite digital luxury initiative”

  1. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Concerning digital initiative, I found the Kenzo digital experience very interesting.
    The concept is to make consumers travel to a virtual island where they will find the Kenzo universe.
    The goal of this digital experience is double : entertain the client and offer him a new experience that arouses his curiosity, as well as make him purchase in an entertaining way.

    In my mind, it is a very interesting initiative because it is disruptive. Today, Kenzo is the only brand to offer this kind of experience on the market.

    You can find more details :



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