De Rigueur: Adrien Deslous-Paoli (Edhec ’15) wins the Fashion Pitch Night

During the 3rd Fashion Tech Week, the entrepreneurial Adrien, Edhec 2015, founder of De Rigueur, a high-end leather accessories company, won the Fashion Pitch Night. The competitive advantages of De Rigueur products: beautifully designed connected objects such as smartphones pouches, hand-made in France in the best craftsmanship tradition (Goyard, Hermès). Aside to their aesthetics, De Rigueur products have a functionality which makes them a must for all men on the go: they serve as wireless external batteries and integrate Wifi connectivity. The first line of products targets men and will be available at La Garçonnière Concept Store (Paris 2e) from November 2015. We shall encourage Adrien and his team to consider the women market also…

Read the interview in Elle October 8th

and visit the website De Rigueur

Source: Adrien Deslous-Paoli, Edhec 2015

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