EDHEC comments Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 innovations

BBA EDHEC at Luxe pack Monaco, 2015
BBA EDHEC at Luxe pack Monaco, 2015


On October 22nd, BBA Edhec 4th year students in Luxury track were welcomed at LUXE PACK Monaco. Students’ selection of the most impressive packaging innovations is attached to this post.

Luxe Pack Trends Observer. Visitors were introduced to the latest trends in luxury packaging, The Empire of Genres, Artisan Manifesto, XXL Branding,  thanks to showcases illustrating these trends (picture below). In the afternoon, students attended a conference by Simon Tye (Executive Research Director at Consumer Research Group) “Asian consumer in 2025: Anticipate dramatic consumer changes and rethink your strategy”.

Interaction between packaging and the point of sale. The creation of immersive experiences in the store, thanks to connected packaging, was among the most interesting topics discussed during Friday’s roundtable. Panelists discussed the possibilities offered by kinetic installations such as Hibiki whisky interactive glass and Mischer’Traxler’s interactive curiosity cloud for Perrier Jouët. Both brands propose a customer experience blending tradition and innovation.

Thank you to Marie-Catherine Mars, Professor of Marketing at Edhec for organizing the visit. And thank you BBA Edhec for your involvement!

Luxe Pack Trends Observer, Monaco, 2015
Luxe Pack Trends Observer, Monaco, 2015

10 thoughts on “EDHEC comments Luxe Pack Monaco 2015 innovations”

  1. Hello Marie Cécile,

    First, thanks a lot for this amazing experience. I went to the luxe pack without knowing what it would be and I discovered a whole area that I didn’t know. I met great people, passioned by their jobs and they explained it to me.

    I had a great feeling with the manager of “Easysnap”. this brand produces a new packaging for sample cream. As they are a little bit more expensive than usual one, they are not well known now but i’m sure big groups such as LVMH will shortly invest in it.



  2. Dear Marie Cécile,

    The innovation that caught my attention at the Luxe Pack in Monaco is the new perfume’s gesture by Aptar. It’s a gesture very female and definite. The innovation called NOTE is a system which charges automatically at each application which allows to deposit the fragrance by a drip system on the areas of pulsation. This takes up the ancestral system of our grandmothers. Dior uses this system for the Perfume Dior J’adore.

    The website link : http://www.premiumbeautynews.com/fr/une-nouvelle-gestuelle-de-parfum,8632

    Thank you,


  3. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Even if I wasn’t attending to the luxe pack with the class, I had the chance to go. As you know, we have to do a “fil rouge project”. My goal at this exhibition was to find an innovation about connected cosmetics, which would perfectly fit in our fictive Spa de la Mer. And I found it, the company is named Selinko. This firm connects your cosmetic product by incorporating a NFC tag, which contain a unique identity readable by a smartphone. The innovative device has many advantages :
    – it can protect your brand from the black market and counterfeit;
    – it can gain the trust of your customers during the buying process;
    – it can build customer loyalty through a unique experience;
    – it can access real-time reports and optimize CRM data;
    – and finally, it can increase in direct sales.
    This is the link specific to cosmetic products :

    This is the link of Selinko website :



  4. Parfums Dior entrusted Aptar with reinventing the perfuming gesture and showcasing its latest creation.

    When I attended the LuxePack in Monaco last week, I was expected to see and experience the brand new innovation in perfume designed by Aptar, “the NOTE System”. I had to ask someone on the stand to enter a secret room to look at this awesome technology. Their, I discovered the “J’adore Touche de parfum » made of this innovation. This is definitely a technological gem which reinvents a perfuming gesture that mimics Marilyn Monroe with her Chanel n°5.


  5. Dear Marie – Cécile,

    I participated to the LuxePack in Monaco where I saw wonderful things about new technologie for packaging.

    My favorite innovative packaging it’s with Selinko: Cosmetics connected. I love this concept because it will be a wonderful opportunitie for all the brand to follow their product and propose related offers to their customers.

    You will find enclosed the website.

  6. Dear Marie-Cecile,

    First of all, thank you and Madam Mars for inviting me to share this exhibition. I would like to talk about a company with a really interesting innovation. It name is “ProofTag”. They have launch an anti-counterfeiting solutions thanks to the digital technologies. The most significant innovation is the Bubble Tag. Indeed, companies are able to tracks the products before and after the sales. It’s a way to enhance the traceability, the security, authentication and develop the CRM. I think this is a good way to reduce the counterfeiting and to have a real relationship with the brand.

  7. Hello Marie-Cécile,

    This week, I participated to LuxePack in Monaco and I saw so many beautiful things. The Aptar company show us a new innovative system for perfume. They use a new gesture for perfume like our grand mother used to perfume before. This innovation is very recent and original because Aptar use an old gesture with an advanced technology. Dior is the first luxury brand to regain this system for the perfume “J’adore Dior”.

    Here your are more information about the company: http://www.aptar.com/
    And here, a link about Dior perfume with the new system: http://www.premiumbeautynews.com/fr/une-nouvelle-gestuelle-de-parfum,8632

  8. The exhibitor who retained my attention called Virojanglor in the Hall Verriere at the exhibition stand 29 because there is an attention to detail and a search for creativity and innovation in the packaging of mainly Wine & Spirits but also for Cosmetics and Tobacco brands.

    The company Virojanglor designs and creates packaging for Luxury and Wine & Spirits industry. Their packaging consist of a metal, textile, luminoua material, boxes and a chemical etching.

    The brand is one of my favorite because of its wilde range of patterns, its mix of size and colors.
    For instance, during the Luxe Pack Fair Trade, they unveiled their chillbox isotherm box for Moët & Chandon brand and the exclusive collection 7 in a rigid metal box with a Hennessy spirits inside.
    This bottle and its packaging is quite futuristic and original with an artistic and modern design and a shiny appearance.

    I was also very interested in the technical savvy and its high-end realism with a 3D dimension and relief in order to create an illusion effect.

    In addition, the brand has worked closely with Jean-Paul Gaultier for champagne Piper- Heidsieck.

    Virojanglor will guarantee its customers the visual impact, crafstmanship and quality by turning its packaging into visual, tactile, fun and innovative objects.

    The website link : http://www.virojanglor.fr/fr/galerie

  9. Dear Marie-Cécile

    I had the opportunity to attend the Luxe Pack and I would say that one of the exhibitors really catched my eyes. This is a very innovative company called ProofTag. They provide authentication solutions through new and digital technologies. They are able to ensure the authenticity of each product to the distributors and the customers thanks to the “Bubble Tag” (which is a little sticker). This initiative allows the companies to dissuade the counterfeiters. Concerning the digital side, each sticker has a QR code linked to a personnalized webpage. This can engage a customer and create a direct relationship. If you wish to have more information you can go to their website : http://www.prooftag.net/.

    Thank you,


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