Pequignet, the unique French luxury watchmaker

Over our last sessions, I referred to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and exceptional craftsmanship. In the next session, I will shade lights on an independent watchmaker, Pequignet, the only French watchmaker. Pequignet Manufacturing facilities and Haute Horlogerie laboratory are located since birth in 1973 in Morteau, French Jura.

Go to Pequignet website: For those of you who understand French, there are interesting documentaries aired on French TV that you will find on YouTube. Watch also this video posted by Pequignet :

In order to feed our discussions, read the case and answer the following questions:

  1. What elements foster authenticity in the Haute Horlogerie sector?
  2. Conduct an analysis of Pequignet situation (SWOT). What challenges does Pequignet face and how does the watchmaker tackle them?

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