Burberry’s Digital Strategy

In the coming days, we will be discussing Burberry’s digital strategy. You will provide arguments on the value of innovation to Burberry DNA. Also, you will give your point of view on Burberry’s digital transformation and adaptation to changing consumer demands in recent years. Last, you will reflect on the new challenges facing Burberry in the digital world and the actions which should be undertaken to sustain Burberry’s growth.

Watch the Youtube video of Angela Ahrendts as an introduction to Burberry strategy and the art of storytelling:

One thought on “Burberry’s Digital Strategy”

  1. Hello Marie-Cécile,

    The strategy Burberry has decided to adopt a few years ago is really interesting and challenging. In fact we see a brand rebuilding its identity and creating a new value to its products in comparison to what it did before. In fact, they have chosen to invest massively into social medias, targeting a different audience (younger people). Their adoption of social medias went beyond going on social media, as they adapted their strategy to it.
    To illustrate this, they have chosen a photographer in 2015 that didn’t had much experience, but many followers (Brooklyn Beckham). It was controversial and many debates in the fashion industry arose from this.
    Even though the brand might be less inaccessible to the masses (you can listen their music, you can follow them actively and see what happens on backstage…), I think they achieved to put innovation at the service of creating engagement of their possible customers.
    And this is a challenge many companies will have to face, and Burberry led the path.

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