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You will have to defend your blog in front of your peers. In class, present your marketing strategy: your blog audience? benchmark? blog positioning? what content? why would brands be interested in collaborating with your blog? how will you communicate on your blog? Show what you learnt from studying the Harvard case on “The Blonde Salad” Chiara Ferragni blog.

And enjoy…

To brands and institutions, these blogs are designed by students as a pedagogical exercise. If you notice copyright infringement and unfair use of pictures, please contact me and we will take actions.

Luxepack 2018 focus on GenZ

Great conference and workshop with Stéphane Truchi (Ifop President), Béatrice Marriotti (Carré Noir Vice-President) and Régine Charvet-Pello (Certesens, President and co-founder).

Read the summary of the conference below and try to identify packaging ideas that are emblematic of GenZ generation. If you go to Certesens corner, you will discover 4 interesting textures that match GenZ: Light (of smartphone, computer etc.), shine, flexibility and skin.

The new generation (born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) represents a larger cohort than the millenials or baby-boomers (around 1/4 of the US population). It is the first generation truly digital native. IFOP study identifies 4 characteristics to this generation:

  1. The importance of tradition: GenZ revives the fundamentals of Luxury, which are product and service excellence and ultimate creativity. They praise expensive brands that they would purchase as self-reward  and as a signal of social success. It is the revival of prominent logos and money display, with no inhibition. It is a generation that is transgenerational (72% prefer working with people of all ages) and very anchored to local roots (eg. the revival of iconic brands Champion US, Lacoste, Fila, Fusalp, Kway). It is a generation that is into “authenticity revisited” with fun (Hermesmatic ).
  2. Showing off success: GenZ is a generation that does not feel ashamed showing off money. In non-Calvinist countries such as France, the oldest generations had less problems talking about sex than about money… (the perfect illustration: comments in French tabloïds on DSK driving a Porsche car). GenZ is very comfortable with both. GenZ wants to make money but also wants a balance with personal life. In contrast to other generations, they aspire making money on their own, being entrepreneurs (45% see themselves being entrepreneurs). They have plenty of examples of Young people success on YouTube, Instagram or heading start-ups with great ideas. They want to make money fast and display their success. In relation to luxury, they aspire owning brands that signal very strongly financial success (Rolex number 1 aspirational brand in France, Britain and China).
  3. A new form of experiential Materialism: Materialism is reinvented, and becomes experiential that way. 83% want to live a unique experience. They want a blend of physical and digital. Phygital in the stores is key. In addition, although they are connected to virtual friends on social media, they want to do things physically with others. The motto is being able to share. 58% enjoy doing things they can share with others  (Gucci Hub is a good illustration They also praise products that are parodies and collaborations based on fun (Supreme x LV).
  4. Engagement with concrete, day-to-day actions and personal involvement.  They would fight for gender and ethnicity equality. It is the generation who talks loud (Génération sans bâillon), #metoo. 68% try to stick to a more ecological lifestyle. 59% try to live in great harmony with nature.
  5. Protecting Mental Health: GenZ is in a quest for better personal relief. The motto is feeling good with myself. 80% of GenZ women believe  that real beauty is to be truly oneself. It is the first generation of women confortable with their bodies (59% feel good with their body). They really appreciate diversity on the catwalk, including showing handicap and skin diseases like vitiligo (beautiful Winnie Harlow). They are also aware that overexposure to social media is a danger to their mental health. Particularly in China where AI is a political engagement, 40% of GenZ are concerned about self-protection. Detox, Me me me, and hyper-personalisation are trends born on these grounds.

Chanel cruise backstage with Edhec Master students

In Fall 1919, Gabrielle Chanel presented for first time a collection, destined to yatching, resorts and sunny destinations.

Gabrielle loved yatching with Duc of Westminster. In 1929, she accosted at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and settled a house there: La Pausa. In 1983, Lagerfeld revived cruise collections, the incarnation of travelling, real or imaginary.

Edhec Master students had the unique opportunity to visit the 148-metre-long replica boat installed at the Grand Palais for the Chanel Cruise Collection 2018-2019, named La Pausa after Chanel’s villa on the French Riviera. The boat took a month to install inside the Grand Palais and it will be “recycled, upcycled or repurposed” along the words of Chanel managers. It was the stage for the revival of the Chanel of a Breton stripe-wearing Coco on holiday.

Inside LVMH: Creating the luxury experience of tomorrow

Sarah Femenia and Manon Petillon (on the picture) and Laetitia Rocca (Msc Marketing students) represented Edhec during the finals of InsideLVMH program. Amazing experience for students. Imagine the luxury experience of tomorrow! Sarah and Manon presented in front of a team of LVMH managers, including Alexandre Arnault. Great job Edhec!!! You did not win but you made an impact!

Le Scribe by Sofitel, a visit with EDHEC BBA4

Le Scribe duplex suite (before renovation) source: MC.Cervellon

ACCOR is a Creator of memorable experiences for customers but also for our students. After Novotel Monaco on November 9th, EDHEC BBA were invited on December 1st to Le Scribe Hotel in Paris, an iconic 5 stars hotel managed by Sofitel. Le Scribe spirit is much influenced by its location at the art of Paris, next to Opera Garnier. The Haussmanian building was the home of the Jockey Club from 1861 to 1925. The hotel was named after the dramatic writer Eugène Scribe; its soul is much influenced by Parisian artists. The Art Deco interior signed by Jacques Grange will be renovated over the next two years by famous designer Tristan Auer (Hotel de Crillon, Hotel du Louvre). Le Scribe is managed by Sofitel; customers benefit from an exceptional service, the Cousu-Main experience.

Le Scribe 2017 Christmas tree in the lobby (Source: MC.Cervellon)

Thank you Le Scribe Hotel staff for this Christmas gift.

Hyatt Palais de La Méditerranée with EDHEC Hospitality students

Sea View from a Suite (source: MC.Cervellon)

On October 11, twenty students (EDHEC BBA 4th year specialized in Hospitality and Event Management) visited the iconic Palais de la Méditerranée on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. This 5-star hotel opened on January 1929 as a “Palais des Plaisirs” targeting the wealthy foreigners that visited the French Riviera during the Golden Age. When the building, designed by the architects Charles and Marcel Dalmas in the 20’s, was renovated from 2001 to 2004, the front was protected as part of the “20th century heritage” label. The interior of the building was decorated with respect to the Art Deco style, but modernized to align on the most stringent standards of the hospitality sector. In 2013, Qatar investors Constellation Hotels Holdings purchased the Palais de la Méditerranée, together with Hotel Martinez in Cannes, Hotel du Louvre and Concorde Lafayette in Paris. The Hyatt group is in charge of the management of the Hotel, and as such Palais de la Méditerranée integrated the Hyatt Regency portfolio. Students visited the magnificent ballrooms, a suite with a view on the sea and the swimming pool and restaurant areas.

Terrasse over the sea (Source: MC. Cervellon)

Next, Laurence Dozol (Senior Event Planning Manager) and Laurent Drouard (Director of Operations) gave a talk on the creation of a luxury experience, the importance of wowing the customer and paying attention to details. Students were immersed in Hyatt organizational culture, caring for customers and staff alike, through a series of videos, many of them created internally by Palais de La Mediterranée employees. Watch the video “The World of Hyatt” on YouTube that encapsulates the Hyatt Human-Centered approach to doing business. Thank you to the Hyatt team for sharing your passion with our students! Great employer branding!

With L. MENVIELLE, Dir EDHEC BBA Hospitality and Event Management and students



Luxe Pack Monaco 2017: tradition and innovation

EDHEC BBA students visited Luxe Pack Monaco today, the occasion to discover and comment packaging innovations in different sectors, like Fragrances and Cosmetics or Wine and Spirits (read the comments they make to this post). This year, two new spaces provide a source of inspiration.

First, a “Living Heritage Hub” is dedicated to the best craftsmen in France (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant) with Ephtée, Maison Fey, Crézé, Fonderie d’Art Macheret, Atelier Philippe Martial and Cristallerie Saint-Paul, all compagnies having in common excellence and traditional manufacturing.

Second, a multisensorial space proposes an immersive experience “Test your senses” in partnership with Mat&Sens. The space is organized around four major trends in luxury (source S.Truchi, IFOP) and their translation into emotions, sensations and packaging materials that we can touch:

  • Engagement with brands that truly commit, which leads to revisit The Nature through vegetal moss, mushrooms, sand, and wood composite
  • The reign of Singularity and self-expression with materials such as 3D textile or mix of acrylic and metal
  • Non-conformity and opposition to social codes and social expectations, translated through unusal materials such as cow stomach or ray skin
  • A New Vision of Time, a slow-time which allows consumers to enjoy the moment, through bamboo silk and translucent alabaster

Among the many conferences which were organized this year,  the conference “Creative Packaging for a drinking experience beyond the ordinary” explained the process leading to the launch of DIAGEO’s Tanqueray Gin Cage, an amazing bottle much discussed by students (read comments below).

Hotel Métropole Monte Carlo with Edhec BBA4 HLux

Voyage d’Ulysse at Metropole Monte Carlo


Baptiste Giabiconi as Ulysse at Metropole Monte Carlo

The Métropole Hotel Monte Carlo is an institution in Monaco. Born in 1886, its Belle Epoque building is located in Monaco Carré D’Or. The interior was redesigned by architect Jacques Garcia in 2004. The gastronomic restaurant is a Joël Robuchon 2 stars amazing creation. The exterior (swimming pool and exterior lounge) was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 2012. Ulysse’s Travel is a vast fresco featuring Baptiste Giabiconi together with godesses in white togas. Our BBA 4th year students will have to make recommendations to this famous and iconic hotel. What a challenge! A thank you to Marie-Catherine Mars, Director BBA4 Horizon Luxe.

EDHEC Learning expedition to Grasse

On July 3rd 2017, Edhec in collaboration with HEC Montréal organized for selected executives, a learning expedition to the city of Grasse, the world perfumery capital. The day was dedicated to understanding how Grasse managed to leverage its territory between mountain and sea, its three centuries of heritage and its unique savoir-faire to revive the ancestral perfume sector and attract the investments of the greatest luxury perfume Houses. The major actors in the renaissance of Grasse, including the mayor Jerome Viaud, discussed the future development of the region during an inspiring roundtable.

Grasse expertise in the growing of fragrance flowers (such as Centifolia Rose and Jasmine Grandiflorum), as well as in the transformation of the flowers into a ‘concrete’ (the initial solid extract) and then into an ‘absolute’ (the liquid concentrate featured in perfumes) is transmitted from generations to generations. “Our crops are to the perfume profession what handmade lace is to Haute-Couture” states the leaflet presenting Grasse exceptional know-how (Les fleurs d’exception du pays de Grasse).  To protect its identity and origin, Grasse is engaged in obtaining the IGP label (Identification Geographique Protégée) and recognition of its living heritage by Unesco. Jerome Viaud is involved in preventing fields to be built, in order to expand the growth of fragrance flowers.

The renaissance of Grasse is supported by major luxury perfume houses. In September 2016, LVMH opened a fragrance creation center in Grasse, Les Fontaines Parfumées (the fragrant fountains), which will host master perfumers Jacques Cavallier Belletrud (the ‘nose’ of Louis Vuitton) and François Demachy (the nose of Dior). The perfume houses get closer to their local partners along the supply chain. In May, Christian Dior Parfums had reopened Christian Dior’s former mansion from 1951 to 1957, Château de La Colle Noire, in Montauroux (Grasse region). The perfume La Colle Noire, conceived by François Demachy, is a tribute to Christian Dior’s love for Grasse and its Centifolia Rose. Chanel contributes also to the sustainable growth of fragrance flowers. Its digital journey “From land to fragrance” emphasizes Grasse as the local source of its perfume ingredients. Since 1921, Chanel N°5 is made out of jasmine grown in Grasse.

Watch a short extract of the roundtable:

Also, the serie of short movies “The Quest for Essences” by Dior:

Balenciaga exhibition L’Oeuvre au Noir

If you are interested in Fashion, pay a visit to Musée Bourdelle in Paris before July 16th. In many respects, couture and sculpture have a common approach, a similar “canvas”.  The exhibition presents a selection of dresses, hats and accessories, most of them in Black, displayed next to Bourdelle’s sculptures. About the choice of the theme Balenciaga in Black:  “Balenciaga cultivated the infinite shades of Black as if they were metamorphoses. He used the interplay of shadows, sheens and transparency as matter for creation. In whatever form it took, this non-colour was his way of emphasizing the shape of his models. It brought density to the volumes and intensity of expression”. (Source: Petit Journal de l’Exposition)

Among the different sections:

Black and transparency: with all kinds of floating and shades of opaqueness. This section exposes the use of laces, which embodied the soul of Spanish folklore




Black and sheen: the duality of light and shade, brilliant black of elegance and matt black of mourning, refers also to Balenciaga’s cultural origin. His inspiration for embroidered beads and sequins come from his collections of late 19th century dresses.




Black drapes and volumes: like a sculptor, Balenciaga would adapt the cut and drape on the silhouette to the thickness, weight and feel of the fabric.

Source photos: MC. Cervellon

EDHEC Business Trip: Pullman and Club Med Experience

On October 28th, EDHEC BBA 4th year (Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management) discovered luxury travel from the perspective of a hotel (at Pullman Bercy) and that of the travel agent (at Club Med Champs Elysées).

Club Med opened in September 2015 a new concept of agency in an appartment, located on the second floor of a Hausmann building on the very touristic Avenue Champs Elysées. Club Med elevates “literally speaking” its image, welcoming upscale clients in this elegant apartment. The atmosphere is friendly and intimate, far away from traditional travel agencies on the street (see featured picture). Guests “pre-experience” their vacations as soon as they enter in the salon, through activation of all senses, from the discreet smell of monoi oïl to the display of artistic videos on giant screens. Club Med proposes also a 3D immersion into four of their villages.

At Pullman Bercy, Mathide Rullman, Talent Manager, had organized a tour that ended with open discussions with the guest experience manager and the event & communication manager, among others. The Pullman Bercy proposes an hyper-connected and welcoming playground to global travellers, business and family alike (see picture below in the lobby)

Thank you Loïck Menvielle, Director EDHEC BBA Horizon Tourism and EM, and Horizon Digital for organizing this incredible business trip for students.

Immersion in the world of Pullman Hotels
Immersion in the world of Pullman Hotels

EDHEC at LVMH Journées Particulières

EDHEC students in Msc Marketing and Apprentissage were invited to LVMH Journées Particulières on May 20th. A privileged journey in the Ateliers Louis Vuitton in Asnières and The House of Dior avenue Montaigne.

Discover the Best Of video posted by LVMH on YouTube:

EDHEC winning French finals of L’Oreal Brandstorm

On April 29th, Edhec Business School won the French finals of L’Oréal Brandstorm, over the major French Business Schools partners to L’Oréal. Maurane Vallée, Marie Mazurkiewicz and Jérémy Barouin (Edhec Msc Marketing 2016), coached by their professor of marketing Marie-Cécile Cervellon, will be representing France in the International Finals on June 30th. They will join teams from 57 other countries with one objective: helping La Roche-Posay attract and recruit millennials to the brand.

L’Oréal Brandstorm is a major International Business Competition organized by L’Oréal since 1992. This year, were competing against Edhec: Hec, Essec, Escp, EM Lyon, Audencia, Neoma, Science Po, Dauphine, Centrale Lyon, Agro ParisTech and the Wild card (Skema).



EDHEC Master Class: MMPJ on Brand Ambassadors

On March 23rd on Lille campus, Quentin Meurisse, ‎Global Market Activation Director at Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët (Pernod Ricard) and Nicolas Benadon, ‎Asia Regional Manager – Martell Cognac gave a passionate talk on the role of Brand Ambassador in Wine and Spirits. This talk was illustrated in the field by Blandine Cochard, Martell Brand Ambassador in Singapore on April 21st. A cross-cultural comparison of Cognac consumption patterns in Heritage countries and in Asia.

Have a look at Martell Cognac channel and be responsible! Connaisseurs drink with moderation.


Volez Voguez Voyagez with Louis Vuitton

During the Holiday Season in Paris, do not miss the Louis Vuitton exhibition in Grand Palais and learn about the French art of traveling. The journey starts in the first room with a trunk inventoried in the 1906 reference catalogue. The elements which have become iconic were already featured: ribbon tufting, canvas and locks. Louis Vuitton’s innovations follow the evolution of travel, the rise of yachting, the invention of automobile, the aviation odyssey, and the improved comfort of trains. In the last room, craftsmen demonstrate Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and attention to details. The experience is enhanced if you travel with the exhibition mobile app. If you want to learn what is luxury, a must-go.

What is a luxury retail experience?

In the stores, we wish to create a luxmosphere. Online, many brands find difficult replicating the luxury experience orchestrated in the store.

Yet, what do you consider a “luxury experience”? Comment and shade lights on an experience created by a luxury brand.

EDHEC Master Class: Travel Retail at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport with Arnaud Lescut

On November 12th, Arnaud Lescut, Travel Retail Manager at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport gave a master class on the future of Travel Retail. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is the third airport in France for number of travelers, after Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly.  In 2014, 11.7 million passengers traveled through Nice Airport, 63% being international travelers.

Travel Retail encompasses the commercial activities (duty free and duty paid) conducted in airports, train stations, ferries, and airlines, as well as sales to travelers in high street boutiques and factory outlets. L’Oreal names this business the 6th Continent. It is a business which increases steadily every year by a minimum of 5%. The perspectives for the next 20 years are positive: Forecasts indicate steady growth; also, although the travel retail business is dependent on international travel, it recovered fast from past financial crises and difficult travelling contexts (such as SARS epidemia, swine flu and ash cloud). Fashion, jewelry and watches represent 34% of the travel retail market (in USD), beauty products and fragrances 28%, Wine and Spirit 16%, the rest being Confectionary & Fine Food (8%) and Tobacco (13%).

The strongest Travel Retail channel is the airport channel. Spendings are influenced by improvement in retail space and navigability, offerings targeting key nationalities and point-of-sales marketing by professional retailers and key brands. By May 2016 for terminal 1 and May 2017 for terminal 2, Nice Côte d’Azur airport will have doubled its commercial space. The new positioning strategy promises an “amazing experience” to the traveler, with a Côte d’Azur “sea and sun” twist. Based on Arnaud’s presentation, we know travelers will have a wow effect. Looking forward…

Thank you to Arnaud Lescut, Travel Retail manager, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport for sharing with BBA 4th year students on Travel Retail pespectives.

Daum Variations d’Artistes at Espace Dali (Paris XVIIIe)

When in Paris, visit Espace Dali in Montmartre, 11 rue Poulbot, Paris 18e. Until January 3rd 2016, it presents Daum collaborations with famous artists such as Dali, Ben or Arman. First, you will discover a soft watch hanger in pâte de cristal inspired from Dali’s painting Persistence of Memory; Second, Ben’s hand-writing “amour” in red made by Daum in 2012 out of gold and cristal; third… many other beautiful artworks from the Lorraine cristallerie.

Picture: MC Cervellon, Espace Dali
Picture: MC Cervellon, Espace Dali