ITC The greenest hotel chain in the world

ITC is an Indian hotel chain that successfully implemented processes to become more sustainable. It succeeded in being awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum ratings to several of its properties, becoming “the greenest hotel chain in the world”. Read the case ITC Hotels (ISB, 2013), watch youtube videos introducing you to the ITC experience; then prepare for our discussion:

  1. What are the elements at ITC that unite Responsible with Luxury?
  2. How could we improve the concept of Sustainable Luxury Hotels at ITC, provide illustrations drawn from other chains/countries?

ForteVillage Resort in Eleganzia

Discover the beautiful world of Eleganzia group. The Forte Village in Sardinia is a benchmark  in the Luxury Hotels industry, the place to be for millionaires and VIPs from entertainment, sports and industry. In order to prepare for the discussion, read the HBS case The Eleganzia group (Ofek et al., 2015), visit, watch the youtube video below and dream about your next vacations… Do not forget to reflect on the following before you leave to Sardinia:

  1. Describe the Forte Village Luxury experience; why is it attractive to the wealthiest of the world?
  2. Should the Forte Village trade up to an all five-star suites resort? would it be strategically and economically wise?
  3. How could Forte Village and other properties be positioned under the umbrella Eleganzia?