Mauboussin breaking the codes of luxury

Mauboussin is a legendary jeweler founded in 1827 in Paris. Known for its color stones and art deco jewels, it was the jeweler of royalties and celebrities all over the world. In 2001, a new leadership moved the positioning of the brand from exclusive to accessible luxury. Explain this strategic move on the French market and its consequences, particularly on the brand identity. Describe the brand’s global expansion strategy. Should Mauboussin pursue the same marketing strategy as the one they have in France? Why / why not? What are the advantages / disadvantages of the different options regarding distribution and market entry strategies?

If you understand French, you will find interesting watching the series of Youtube video on the history of Mauboussin on Mauboussin channel.  Also, watch Alain Nemarq interview on talent recruitment at Mauboussin.




The Role of Creative directors at Luxury Houses

Luxury is about… Creativity. In March, we will be discussing the role of creative directors at Luxury Fashion Houses. Read the Insead case “Raf Simons at Dior”. Try to document yourself on the House of Dior. Then think about answers to the following questions: What is the role of a creative director in a luxury fashion house? In your opinion, are creative directors at Dior respectful to Christian Dior DNA? Why such a turnover of creative directors in the luxury industry?

You might find useful watching The Business of Fashion video below: