Experiential luxury is the new Kelly bag

Last April, I was interviewed by Alessandra Stanley from New York Times on Experiential Luxury. Following the interview, a very interesting paper was published on July 5th on custom-made and do-it-yourself blending wines and other highly exclusive experiences. We will be discussing this paper in the first session of the course “Luxury Hotels and Services”. Be ready to explain what makes an experience a “luxury experience”. As a start, read the article in NYTimes (Link below) and view Stephen Bolger (Viniv founder) interview on Les Echos video.

NYtimes July 2016, ”A wine of one’s own: They will drink to that”


EDHEC Conference: Luxury product presentation online

On Thursday August 25th, Marie-Cécile Cervellon and Marie-Catherine Mars had the pleasure to present their latest research on “The influence of online product presentation” in the Luxury sector, during EDHEC alumni refresher. The conference was followed by a roundtable with Marie Soudré-Richard, EDHEC 1997, talented founder of Little Fashion Galery, now mentoring for start ups in fashion digital retail. Soon to come…the link to the conference, discussion and slides.