EDHEC Research: Synesthesia in luxury

On May 27th, our latest research Cervellon and Mailhos (2016) “The Smell of Words: Stimulating narrative transportation with perfume names” was presented at EMAC (European Marketing Academy Conference) held in Olso (BI Norwegian Business School), Norway. This research deals with synesthesia or the creation of cross-modal, multisensorial stimulation through perfume names. The abstract of the paper: “This paper explores the possibility of creating narrative transportation with perfume names. Current trends in the perfume industry emphasize names suggestive of smell through synesthesia or through narrative structures inviting imagery transportation. This study conducted among French women indicates that creating literal correspondence between a perfume name and its smell is not necessarily the best road to narrative transportation and persuasion. Brand engagement and appeal are higher when consumers are able to project themselves in a rich narrative and imagine living the experience proposed by the brand.”

EDHEC at LVMH Journées Particulières

EDHEC students in Msc Marketing and Apprentissage were invited to LVMH Journées Particulières on May 20th. A privileged journey in the Ateliers Louis Vuitton in Asnières and The House of Dior avenue Montaigne.

Discover the Best Of video posted by LVMH on YouTube: