The strategic role of Porsche online communities

In the coming days, we will be discussing the role played by online communities in luxury brand strategies, illustrated by the launch of the Porsche Cayenne SUV. Be prepared to discuss: Explain what makes Porsche an iconic brand. Does Cayenne fit with Porsche identity? What role did online communities play in Porsche strategy regarding Cayenne ?

In order to discuss the case, visit and; Also, watch the 2015 commercial for Porsche Cayenne Turbo S embedded below:



Kering cares for digital customers

On October 14th, we will be discussing the Kering group digital strategy. Read the case and be prepared for discussion: What are the challenges faced by luxury brands when they engage in e-commerce activities? Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different business models of e-commerce, including the most recent ones.

You will find interesting this link about the Kering Digital Academy at:

Watch the Youtube video featuring Federico Barbieri, Kering Digital and Ebusiness manager:

Daum Variations d’Artistes at Espace Dali (Paris XVIIIe)

When in Paris, visit Espace Dali in Montmartre, 11 rue Poulbot, Paris 18e. Until January 3rd 2016, it presents Daum collaborations with famous artists such as Dali, Ben or Arman. First, you will discover a soft watch hanger in pâte de cristal inspired from Dali’s painting Persistence of Memory; Second, Ben’s hand-writing “amour” in red made by Daum in 2012 out of gold and cristal; third… many other beautiful artworks from the Lorraine cristallerie.

Picture: MC Cervellon, Espace Dali
Picture: MC Cervellon, Espace Dali

Kerrie Hess stylish illustrations for Lancôme 80th anniversary

Thanks to Malin Adam, Msc Marketing Student (Erasmus exchange), I keep discovering incredible artists. I share with you Kerrie Hess work for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ladurée and lately Lancôme. I love her style, a tribute to feminine and vintage elegance. Vibrant pink, red or turquoise monochrome dressed silhouettes painted on black and white Parisian decors. An Australian interpretation of French glamour. Have a look at:


Kokomo Ailand at Monaco Yacht Show, What else?

Every year since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show is the occasion to visit around 100 of the most fabulous super yachts ever built in the world. The event is sponsored by Ulysse Nardin, Swiss watch manufacturers since 1846. Among the exhibitors this year, several brands of fine cristal such as Lalique and Baccarat. The ultimate luxury is portrayed on Baccarat’s advertisement below: a table dressed in cristal, on a yacht navigating safely on the sea…

Or else… Kokomo Ailand, the first mobile private island was released at MYS by MIGALOO PRIVATE SUBMERSIBLE YACHTS. Watch the Youtube video embedded below.

Source: MC Cervellon, Fabulous Yachts at MYS,
Source: MC Cervellon, Fabulous Yachts at MYS
Source: MC Cervellon, Ulysse Nardin at Monaco Yacht Show
Source: MC Cervellon, Ulysse Nardin at Monaco Yacht Show
Source: MC Cervellon, Baccarat at MYS
Source: MC Cervellon, Baccarat at MYS


Students’ favorite Responsible Luxury Initiatives

As discussed in class, the luxury industry faces many challenges in being socially and environmentally responsible. Yet, many brands are engaged in initiatives which contribute to the welfare of society; they remain silent on their engagement. Deep luxury lies in discretion. Shade lights on brand initiatives you judge authentic, legitimate and impactful, true to the brand heritage.

Stella, Substance with Style

This fall, we will shed lights on British designer Stella McCartney and her beautiful mind. We will discuss the case published earlier this year by Harvard Business School researchers, Anat Keinan and Sandrine Crener. Stella McCartney is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. She is the first and only fashion designer committed in excluding leather, exotic skins and fur in all her collections. The brand ethos is rooted in the protection of the environment. In order to complement the case, watch Stella’s interview during WWD 2009 Fashion/Apparel CEO summit (Youtube video embedded below).

Be prepared to defend your position: is socially responsible luxury an internally consistent proposition or a nice oxymoron? What are the (positive and negative) implications of building a business on values? Are consumers’ motivations regarding sustainable luxury always altruistic?

In order to feed your thoughts, read the articles quoted on p.35-p.36. They will be presented in class:

Achabou, M. A., & Dekhili, S. (2013). Luxury and sustainable development: Is there a match?. Journal of Business Research, 66(10), pp.1896-1903.
Cervellon, M-C & Shammas, L. (2013). The value of sustainable luxury in mature markets: A customer-based approach, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, special issue Sustainable Luxury, 52, pp.90-101

Cervellon, M-C (2013). Conspicuous Conservation: Using semiotics to understand sustainable luxury, International Journal of Market Research, Vol 55(5), pp.695-717

Heritage Days with Maison Boucheron and Printemps Haussmann

To those students in Paris on September 19th and 20th, two interesting visits in the context of the French Journées du Patrimoine (among hundreds of historic places which open their doors during the week-end):

Maison Boucheron will present its heritage dating back 1858 and the Art of Haute Joaillerie in its boutique on Place Vendôme . Register at 01 42 44 40 30.

Printemps Haussmann proposes a guided tour of its rich architectural heritage, including places not opened to the public, a unique occasion to discover the history of French department stores . Register at 01 82 42 50 00.