Students’ favorite digital luxury initiative

Year after year, we discover that the most hesitant luxury brands embrace digital channels. They lead digital innovations in physical stores, through their e-boutiques or their mobile applications. The challenge, then, is to be heart selling without being perceived hard selling.  Shade lights on luxury brands initiatives which, in your opinion, contribute to the brand dream value.

Featured picture: 3D immersive experience in Club Med Champs Elysées

62 thoughts on “Students’ favorite digital luxury initiative”

  1. Dear Ms Cervellon,

    For the luxury digital initiative which has grabbed my attention, I chose to talk about the Italian brand Giampero Bodino. Since 2013, the brand of high jewellery was really discreet, but this year has chosen to share with its customers a real digital experience.

    In this article, it is possible to see that the company wants to be more attractive and share with customers a real new experience, thanks to digitalization. With a total view of new luxury pieces of the jewellery collection by a digitalized visit on the website, the client seems like immersed in the world of luxury, and more precisely in the values of the brand.

    Here is the link of the article :

    I hope this initiative will catch your attention.

    Yours sincerely.

    Marion P.

  2. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I found a very interesting collaboration between Google and Yves Saint Laurent which consisted in providing a brand new make up experiment to YSL’s customers.

    The two companies associated in order to create a concept of personnalized make-up tutorial. This was possible thanks to the use of the Google new gadget, the Google glasses, and the well-known YSL make-up designer talents. The customers have their make-up session live recorded by the make-up designer using the Google glasses. In the meanwhile, they are also advised regarding their skin colour, their eye colour, their style… At the end of the process, a short movie of the session is offered showing them all the make-up steps and a before/after.

    This digital experiment allows the customers to immortalize the session. The aim of the movie is also to incite the customer to purchase the products by listing all the name of the used ones during the session at the end of the record. Then the movie can be shared on social networks which can appeal new consumers to live the same experience.

    Please find below an article regarding this digital initiative :

    I hope you will enjoy it!

    Best regards,

    Irina R

  3. Dear Marie-Cecile,

    Being passionate about cosmetics and perfume, I decided to choose the brand Serge Lutens. Serge Lutens is a well-known perfume brand.
    In order to make playful the in-store visit of its customers, the brand decided to set up a virtual reality game.

    This allows customers to learn more about the world of Serge Lutens.

    The principle of this game is to put on glasses, and discover the key places of the brand (like the laboratory of Serge in Marrakech). The customer will be able to capture promotional codes throughout the universe. The technology is called “occulus”.

    The device will be available from December 5, 2016 within the shop Salons of the Royal Palace of Serge Lutens.

    The main objective is to capture more customers and expand their target (Millenials).

    I find it fun and interesting to see how the customer experience in luxury may be different.

    I hope you will enjoy this article :

    Best Regards.

  4. Good afternoon Marie-Cécile,

    I found a digital initiative in luxury this afternoon : Fendi used drones during their fashion show in Milan Fashion Week. I know it was in 2014 but I am really impressed. It is a good idea to show another vision of the runway and the models. I watched a little video where some people said what they thought about it.
    It is really surprising because we could think about military for example. It is also a proof that every way is possible in luxury and it is possible to change things and codes. Fendi presented a type of show really different from the others : technology was as important as creations and models.

    You can see the video here :

    I hope you will find this interesting. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Really interested in fashion, I decided to introduce you to the online boutique of high-end fashion and luxury : Moda Operandi.

    How does it differ? It is the only one that makes it possible to preorder models as soon as the fashion show broadcast on the internet and to receive them before their arrival in shop.

    I find it great and I want to buy before everyone else!
    In addition, LVMH products are on sale. So do not hesitate to connect!

    The link is :

    Best regards,

    Clara L.

  6. Dear Marie-Cecile,

    For my part I found an application, developped by Tiffany & Co. “Engagement ring finder” allows customers to find the perfect ring for an engagement. On this app you can see all the rings with a great description, you can zoom and see them in details. Furthermore a tool allows you to determine your ring size and then you can share your favourite rings directly on social media.

    I let you read the complete description on the website thanks to the link below

    Wish you a good reading,
    Best regards,


  7. Dear Mrs Cervellon,

    I’ve decided to introduce you the Remy Martin bottle initiative. I think it’s an original subject in the luxury field.
    As the world is becoming more connected, brands try to innovate in order to answer the consumer needs.
    The digital initiative of Remy Martin caught my attention because Rémy Martin is the first beverage alcohol brand to bring to market a bottle that incorporates the highest opening detection technology and integrates a unique, tamper-proof NFC tag into the capsule.

    To explain how it works :  By simply tapping the top of the bottle, the previously downloaded Rémy Martin application will instantly display if the bottle is genuine and sealed, or if it has been resealed.
    Once the consumer opens his bottle, the NFC integrated tag will emit a different signal, indicating the change from “sealed” to “opened. 

    From my point of view, this initiative is really innovative and show a new way of thinking in the marketing field.
    The whisky can be seen as “classic” and “old”, it’s a way to reinvigorate the image!

    I hope you will enjoy this article  :

    Best regards,

    Alice C

  8. Hermès is offering their clients to take a complete “virtual tour”.
    The brand has completely reinvented its e-commerce to make sure that customers have access to their website and products even in countries where there is no stores.
    Therefore, all clients feel privileged and unique.
    It strengthens the relationship between customers and the brand.
    Finally, it allows the brand to reach younger customers and showcase their more affordable products.

  9. Dear Ms Cervellon,

    Between luxury, synonymous of rarity, and digital, symbol of abundance, the alliance is difficult for the prestigious brands.
    I decided to choose the example of CHANEL, the most desired luxury brand worldwide.
    Both timeless and innovative, CHANEL is for me the brand which best embodies the values of fashion and the French elegancy. The brand evolves considering the digital impact and adapts its marketing strategy to the new consumers’ behaviours that are more and more connected.
    Here are some examples of CHANEL digital initiatives:

    First of all, in its stores, the brand has created some digital screens in order to relay its fashion-shows and their atmosphere.
    The clients can now see and admire the collection on those screens and inspired themselves from the viewed outfits.

    Moreover, to make easier the purchase decision, the brand provides some tablets dedicated to the customers. The tablets help them in their choices. On those tablets, a specific application was created.
    On this app, it is possible to have a look on the iconic products, on the new collections and there are more details about the creations: the value, the material used, the leather washing care, the reference… These tools became very useful to ensure a successful customer experience.

    From “Luxury Daily”, the brand was elected the best luxury marketer of the year 2013.
    The artistic director Karl Lagerfeld gets the importance of the digital in the communication strategy.
    He decided to realize some videos intituled “Inside CHANEL”, posted on Internet (directly available on CHANEL website or on Youtube). They relate the brand story and they are created to share with the public : the brand heritage and the legend around the creator of the brand: Gabrielle Chanel.
    Those digital campaigns are one of the most successful among luxury brands.
    Today, there are more than 100 million viewers on YouTube.
    This type of communication allows engaging the audience with the brand and enhancing the brand identity.

    Another digital initiative could be the use of the social medias Facebook and Instagram as spread tools (publication). On the social medias, the brand publishes its last advertisings and created a real CHANEL community.

    Thank you very much,


  10. Hello Marie-Cécile,

    For my best luxury digital initiative, I decided to choose an article concerning Louis Vuitton for the Spring-Summer 2016 collection advertising campaign.
    I choose this article because the brand starts to be involved in digitization, and this campaign surprised the audience. This staging allows to bring the digital and fictional world into the real with the brand’s products.

    Best Regards,
    Margaux C

  11. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Deeply interested by Champagne I’ve decided to introduce you a digital initiative in this field. It is atypical for Champagne to take part of a digital initiative, except for websites or events, this is why I found this very interesting and useful.

    This initiative is “Krug ID”. It was launched in 2011 by the Maison Krug and it was very innovative.
    A Krug ID is displayed on the back label of each bottle and it enables customers to learn more about it. In effect, customers can either type the ID on Krug’s website or scan it thanks to a mobile app in order to access to information related to the creation and realization of the product. The information are proper to each single bottle. Customers can access to cuvées’ secrets, testimony… It’s a great way to highlight craftsmanship & Krug’s savoir faire. It also includes food & music pairing tips as well as serving and storage recommandations.

    This initiative isn’t that recent since it was launched in 2011, but lately Krug has reinforced it.
    In effect, according to their analysis, customers who are enjoying a bottle of Krug usually share their experience of social networks, especially Twitter. This is why they have settled a robot on Twitter which can create personalized dialogue with customers. It’s very simple, when someone post something on Twitter with the mention Krug ID, the person will get an automatic answer and will be immersed in Krug’s universe.

    I think this initiative is great, it enables customers to take part of the experience, and it’s a good way to connect with them. It is also a fun way for customers to learn more about their bottle of Champagne & Champagne in general. It’s unexpected for a Champagne House, but this initiative is a great success!

    I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

    Best regards,

    Pauline R

  12. Dear Mrs Marie Cécile,

    I chose an article about Fendi who decided to share on its website, the Fashion Week show in Milan with a drone (equipped with a camera). I think it is a very good idea to mix this kind of digital objects and a luxury brand. Everyone was able to see the collection and could react about it instantly on internet, all around the world.

    I think it is a really innovative idea, so I thought you could be interested about it.

    Best regards,


  13. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    The digital initiative that caught my attention is the 4D runway show of Ralph Lauren in 2014.
    Indeed, for the Summer/Spring collection, the brand decided to innovate for the show, so they used an holographic projection of the models and at the end of Ralph Lauren dancing and waving to the crowd.
    The choice of the place was also iconic, the projection took place on the lac of Central Park in New York.
    It was a first for the New York Fashion Week and it made the buzz.

    I think this idea really innovative and crazy, which goes well with the brand image. In a world and a society moving to the digitalization, this idea was a good adaptation of the brand to the new digital world.

    Best regards,



    We found the digital initiative of the brand Ralph Lauren very innovative. They designed a new bag called ‘The Ricky Bag’ which combines luxury and technology by creating a bag with light features to illuminate the interior. The bag consists of four discreet LED lights that activate when the bag is opened. Besides this, the bag also consists of an integrated USB port to charge your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

  15. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    It is Dior that caught my attention when I discovered that the house launched a virtual reality helmet.

    Indeed, this helmet is available in only few stores of the brand worldwide.

    It allows customers to enter into a virtual world where they can admire parades or shootings from the high fashion house. The client is immersed in the heart of the brand through the 360° vision helmet, therefore he feels so privileged.

    This sensory experience allows the house to increase its attractiveness and place the customer on the center of attention.

    Best regards,


  16. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Personally, I found the digital initiative from Louboutin particularly impactful and revolutionary.

    Last year, Christian Louboutin announced a new digital project: #LouboutinWorld.

    Indeed, the brand invites clients to share pictures of them wearing or using Louboutin’ products on the social networks using the hashtag #LouboutinWorld. Then, Christian Louboutin himself selects the most beautiful ones and publishes them in the area #LouboutinWorld in the official website of Louboutin.

    What is really innovative is that the products are directly shoppable: when you click on the image, you arrive in the e-commerce product pages.

    I think that Louboutin found a great idea to both engage its clients and drive its online sales.

    The link of the article:

    The link of the #LouboutinWorld area in the website:

    Hope you will appreciate it!

    Kind regards,

  17. Hello Madam Cervellon,

    One of my favorite digital initiative in luxury is the Vogue’s one.

    British Vogue have been making short films about the evolution of fashion in the nowadays industry.

    Choosing Alexa Chung is such a good idea, in fact, she’s as an it girl, a influencer for young public.

    Moreover, using Youtube and Instagram as a link with the VOgue’s article is a clever idea.

    Here’s the hyperlink:

    Enjoy the viewing!

    Soukeïna O

  18. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I found this really interesting:
    Burberry was one of the first brands starting to go to the digital with its flagship at 121 Regent Street. They succeeded to mix excellent client service and digital strategy. For example they made a ” shower of digital rain” in order to highlight the trench coat, symbol of Burberry. In this store, they wanted the barriers between virtual and real very thin and the display looking like the Website.

  19. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Johnny Depp is the face for the new Dior’s fragrance Sauvage, also he appears in an incredible campaign!

    We can discover videos on Diormag such as the inspiration behind the fragrance, the campaign film and the making-of :

    We can also participate to an amazing olfactory road trip on a platform created by Dior especially for this fragrance :

    Here are some articles with more information about this Dior Sauvage campaign :

    Enjoy this experience! 🙂


    I choose this article, first of all because i am fond of cosmetics in Asia and more precisely in South Korea.

    This article shows that Korean brands are aware that being present online through a specific digital strategy is more than a need to still be competitive.

    One of my favorite initiative is the one that “LA NEIGE” brand did. They have created their online chat so that their client can exchange about their favorite product or give advices. It helps the brand to build a strong community.

  21. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I found a very interesting digital initiative of Burberry. Through their social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, they post short videos showing people the many different styles to wear their scarfs. I think that this is a great way to not only attract new customers by making them wanting to (immediately) buy a Burberry scarf, but to also educate their customers who already own a Burberry scarf, but did not know all the different ways to wear the scarf, which I think adds value to their product. In addition to these scarf-wearing tutorials, what Burberry is doing really well is the fact that they have implemented the store experience into their e-boutique. They have a section, which is called “scarf bar” where you will find all the scarves in all different designs and materials that they offer. They have a 3D image showing how their scarves flow in the air, which I think is great, because you will get an idea of how the scarf feels like even before you have tried in on in person. When you click on the scarf, you will see many pictures of the products, including how it looks on a woman, a man, zoomed in to get a closer look of the material. Although their product description is quite short, it is very clear. When you read it before looking at the pictures of the product, you already will be able to imagine how the product will feel like in your hands.
    Scarf bar:

    Yours sincerely,

    Joey W.

  22. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Jaeger-Lecoultre broadcast in 2013 an interactive video creating an intimate experience between the Brand and the customers.
    2013 was a digital year for Jaeger-Lecoultre. They also did a context « Hybris Mechanica : The key to the secret » on Facebook through a quizz for winning a watch. And developed an online experience for the Duomètre Unique Travel Time in order to let the customers try it and teach how it works.

    Best regards,

  23. Hello everyone!

    You will find enclosed an article (published in June 2015) about a nice association between Guerlain and Shazam.
    The concept? As part of the launch of L’Homme Idéal Cologne, Guerlain joins Shazam for visual appearance recognition application, a newly added feature to the known application primarily for audio recognition.

    Enjoy this experience 🙂


  24. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    One of my favorite Digital Luxury initiative has been set up by Guerlain in 2015.
    The French beauty brand Guerlain has partnered with seven digital influencers to show its cosmetic offerings to consumers in a more personalized and relatable fashion. It enables the brand to be closer to its customers and to promote diversity.

    Best Regards,

  25. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Here is a digital initiative by The Ritz-Cartlon. They decided to create a page on their website call “Your Memories”. During the stay or after, the clients can share to everybody on this page pictures about their stay on one of the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Clients use the #RCMemories on the website and also on Facebook, Instagram… to create a bigger community.

    Best regards,


  26. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I decided to choose this article because it makes me dream before Christmas, for me it’s one of the best digital luxury strategie: the storytelling, because it retranscribes some feelings. As every year, Cartier released his Christmas story with his favorite animal the panther. References to Cartier are subtle, the famous red boxes are closed, and there are cultural symbols of Paris with the Eiffel Tower, the dome of the Institute and the Left Bank … An environment which makes us dream at the approach of Christmas.

    Thanks for reading,
    Best regards,


  27. Dear Marie Cécile Cervellon,

    I would like to share with you today my favorite digital initiative of the moment. This one is from the brand Diptyque and the association with the company Al Dente (an integrated creative agency dedicated to luxury brands). They decided to launch together a new digital platform for Diptyque’s collection 34.
    This experience bring together a melting pot of surprise(music, images,videos) and on the same time show the history of the brand in a different context. The consumer can explore the brands code of Diptyque in an other way.
    Please find the link to the article presentation :
    And the link to this digital experience :

    Sincerely yours,
    Claire Guillaume

  28. You’ll find with this link a digital initiative by Veuve Clicquot. You can’t find this app in France because of the Evin law (1991) but you can purchase a VPN (it changes your IP adress in another country) to get it.
    With the design object “Scream your love” (, this app continues in this spirit for Valentine’s day. With this app a man can offer a Veuve Clicquot surprise to his love thanks to a partnership with some beautiful place in London like at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. What’s better than drinking Veuve Clicquot in a marvelous place? She’ll fell in love for sure !

  29. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    My favorite digital initiative is the City Guide by Louis Vuitton. The brand share its passion for travel and urban over their City Guides. It discovers the world’s most beautiful cities with a selection of address and places that you are not to be missed.

    Here is the link of the presentation of the City Guides :


    Caroline B

  30. Hello Marie Cécile,

    Today I post an article from the website madame Le Figaro. Sorry, it’s in French but I liked it. It talks about the new Tiffany and co ‘s app which allows you to try every engagement ring. As all the girls know, the engagement is one of the most important moment in a person’s life. It’s getting easier for man to know which ring to buy.


  31. Dear Marie-Cécile,
    Burberry partners with WeChat to strengthen online presence in China.

    As part of an ongoing digital innovation partnership, Burberry and WeChat have created a series of creative collaborations and platform firsts that leverage WeChat’s unique functionality and responsive content capabilities, aiming to engage its Chinese customer base and further, establish itself on Chinese social network.

    Here is the link of the video:

  32. In early 2000, Burberry was in lost growth, due to a bad image among younger generations. By placing digital at the heart of its strategy, the brand returned to the pioneering spirit of the great luxury.

    Burberry has refocused on what has originally built his success, his ADN: his nationality (an English name), a timeless iconic product (the trench) and finally the notion of democratic luxury. The aim today is to attract 15-25 year olds who are highly connected.

    That’s why, Burberry broke the codes of its communication for integrating the digital and to be more attractive and to create a relationship with them. Via its website and social networks, the brand has established a relationship of exchange, interaction.
    The use of digital by the brand also revived the extraordinary dimensions and dreams associated with the name of Burberry.

    Here the link which shows that Burberry is really invests in its communication strategy and strengthens its presence on social networks using now Snapchat :

  33. Chanel is an old French luxury brand, but they mixed harmoniously their old heritage with modern media. Chanel uses youtube to promote its storytelling in english and in French, including anecdotes little known to the public. Few short videos explain this mytic brand. This digital communication isn’t recent but I felt truly in love with them all. Watch Inside Chanel:
    this is the link to the first video ” coco – inside chanel” :

  34. I recently discovered the brand digital campaign of Fendi.
    This is my favorite digital luxury initiative .
    In fact Fendi gave consumers a different view of its runway show , whith 20 high-definition cameras attached to drones.
    This is a new way of filming the runway show allowed viewers at home to have a unique experience and feel more a part of the action.


  35. Hi Marie-Cécile,

    I discovered recently a new application named Yachster, founded by Anthony Brisacq. This application allow people to rent a yacht for a period, they can find all the availability on the app, for the period they want, where they want, with the boat they want.
    Nowadays applications are in growth, and that type is now compulsory. Digital is entered with success in society, and people are being more and more confortable with it.

    Link :

  36. Hi Marie-Cécile,

    I know that Burberry made a collection about cosmetics and they have some “Burberry Beauty Box” abroad (not yet in France). They sell all make up like lipstick, nailpolish, etc. They also use digital for present the make up to the consumers, especialy their range of nailpolish with a “nail bar”. I show you various link for see their beautiful and strategic videos. (you need to watch this video for see how the brand use digital for the nailpolish)

  37. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    Here is an unsual digital campaign. Marc Jacobs takes advantage of the selfie generation and wants a piece of it! If you are feeling like a model and would like to be the new face of the brand, take a selfie. They are casting for models on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CastMeMarc. Last year, the hashtag #CastMeMarc has been Instagrammed over 12,000 times in 24 hours.

    Thank you,

  38. As a world’s leading Fashion House, Dior has created a fun, innovative and digital campaign of 2015 with its virtual reality headset made in partnership with a French creative agency called DigitasLBi labs.
    This digital initiative represents a new era in the relationship between Dior and its customers sharing a brand new content and a retail experience.
    Thus, technology is deeply tied to high fashion.
    This headset integrates a 360° vision including sound and video.
    “The Dior Eyes” allows us to get a front row of a fashion show that is considered as a highly exclusive event.
    We can also enter the intense world of the make-up artists as if we were right there. It’s a perfect immersion in a mythic and prestigious place.

    Here the video link of the digital campaign : https//

  39. Dear Marie-Cécile,

    I decide to choose this website because according to me it’s really a good idea! Indeed, it’s an experience which correspond to customers needs and it’s really innovative.
    As customers do not recognize through the models used in the ” makeup tutorial” video, Yves St Laurent has created a new concept: “The make-up artists” in their stores. These stores have Google Glasses allowing them to make up each client came to participate, in filming the experience before, during and after the session. Then, customers will receive the video on their e-mail address. They will have their own tutorial!

    The link is :

    Best regards,

  40. Tinker Tailor, customisable Luxury Fashion in 3D

    Tinker Tailor – the world’s first destination for the creation and customisation of luxury fashion – is where personalization and innovation meet. By giving customers the opportunity to put a personal stamp on beautiful clothing from the world’s top brands, this brand has revolutionized the way customers and designers alike operate in the luxury sphere.

  41. The brand with a digital impact that I chose is Cartier. Cartier uses the story telling method to communicate online. The purpose is to tell a story about the brand and its different products. This method arises emotion and it makes consumers dream. I think is a good idea because the consumer can identify with the brand value. For example, ‘L’odysee de Cartier” was broadcasted online and created a “buzz”. The video cost time and money but the investment is worth. The video brings us into the world of Cartier.

  42. Hello Marie-Cécile,

    Tommy Hilfiger is not my favorite brand but I thought that the use of virtual reality is really interesting. It is one of the newest technology which is buzzing for now, and using it in the fashion industry could deliver a new experience in terms of sensorial and experiential marketing.
    This technology is used in the New York store, on the fifth avenue, mainly to (re)watch the last fall-winter fashion show in the store.
    The brand intend to extend this technology in several shops all around the world.

    The link is :,585435.html#.VinysrznfBI


    1. Hello Marie-Cécile,

      I decided to choose an uncommon digital luxury initiative, created by Hermes.

      The concept is called « No Comment », it is very interesting. All people who connect on the website can see the manufacture in the workshops of Hermes. When you watch the video, you are behind the scenes of Hermes. There is no music, no stylistic effect and also no transition to promote. It is merely women and men who work with different machines.

      With this digital luxury initiative, Hermes affirms its identity : a luxury brand. Consumers are seeking out authentic brands and Hermes understood this.

      For me, it is one of the best digital luxury initiative !

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