EDHEC Research: Storytelling fosters the dream value of luxury brands

An academic research published in Journal of Business Research this month advances the theory and practice of luxury brand advertising. It is co-authored by Jae-Eun Kim and Stephen Lloyd (AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand) and Marie-Cécile Cervellon (EDHEC Business School, Nice and Lille, France). Luxury clients (n=270) from three countries (France, Korea and Australia) were exposed randomly to global ads from luxury brands.  Through projective techniques, respondents produced narratives which were analyzed with thematic and text analysis. Results indicate that implicit messaging is effective in creating engagement through narrative transportation; however, when the message is explicit and straightforward, it impedes the transportation process and leads to lower engagement across cultures. The authors identify seven dominant themes in the narratives produced by respondents in relation to luxury ads: “1) Status aspirations; 2) Romance, seduction and porn-chic; 3) Involvement with a fantasy world or adventure; 4) Other-directedness; 5) Self-esteem, power and success; 6) Sensory world of beauty, nature, body and feelings; 7) Activation” (Kim, Lloyd and Cervellon, 2015).

“Narrative-transportation storylines in luxury brand advertising: motivating consumer engagement”, Journal of Business Research, 2015 

Download the article (if you are an EDHEC student, you have access through BU Vauban): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0148296315003392

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