Luxepack 2018 focus on GenZ

Great conference and workshop with Stéphane Truchi (Ifop President), Béatrice Marriotti (Carré Noir Vice-President) and Régine Charvet-Pello (Certesens, President and co-founder).

Read the summary of the conference below and try to identify packaging ideas that are emblematic of GenZ generation. If you go to Certesens corner, you will discover 4 interesting textures that match GenZ: Light (of smartphone, computer etc.), shine, flexibility and skin.

The new generation (born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) represents a larger cohort than the millenials or baby-boomers (around 1/4 of the US population). It is the first generation truly digital native. IFOP study identifies 4 characteristics to this generation:

  1. The importance of tradition: GenZ revives the fundamentals of Luxury, which are product and service excellence and ultimate creativity. They praise expensive brands that they would purchase as self-reward  and as a signal of social success. It is the revival of prominent logos and money display, with no inhibition. It is a generation that is transgenerational (72% prefer working with people of all ages) and very anchored to local roots (eg. the revival of iconic brands Champion US, Lacoste, Fila, Fusalp, Kway). It is a generation that is into “authenticity revisited” with fun (Hermesmatic ).
  2. Showing off success: GenZ is a generation that does not feel ashamed showing off money. In non-Calvinist countries such as France, the oldest generations had less problems talking about sex than about money… (the perfect illustration: comments in French tabloïds on DSK driving a Porsche car). GenZ is very comfortable with both. GenZ wants to make money but also wants a balance with personal life. In contrast to other generations, they aspire making money on their own, being entrepreneurs (45% see themselves being entrepreneurs). They have plenty of examples of Young people success on YouTube, Instagram or heading start-ups with great ideas. They want to make money fast and display their success. In relation to luxury, they aspire owning brands that signal very strongly financial success (Rolex number 1 aspirational brand in France, Britain and China).
  3. A new form of experiential Materialism: Materialism is reinvented, and becomes experiential that way. 83% want to live a unique experience. They want a blend of physical and digital. Phygital in the stores is key. In addition, although they are connected to virtual friends on social media, they want to do things physically with others. The motto is being able to share. 58% enjoy doing things they can share with others  (Gucci Hub is a good illustration They also praise products that are parodies and collaborations based on fun (Supreme x LV).
  4. Engagement with concrete, day-to-day actions and personal involvement.  They would fight for gender and ethnicity equality. It is the generation who talks loud (Génération sans bâillon), #metoo. 68% try to stick to a more ecological lifestyle. 59% try to live in great harmony with nature.
  5. Protecting Mental Health: GenZ is in a quest for better personal relief. The motto is feeling good with myself. 80% of GenZ women believe  that real beauty is to be truly oneself. It is the first generation of women confortable with their bodies (59% feel good with their body). They really appreciate diversity on the catwalk, including showing handicap and skin diseases like vitiligo (beautiful Winnie Harlow). They are also aware that overexposure to social media is a danger to their mental health. Particularly in China where AI is a political engagement, 40% of GenZ are concerned about self-protection. Detox, Me me me, and hyper-personalisation are trends born on these grounds.

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  1. Generation Z is very demanding. They care a lot about the product but also about the packaging which must be attractive.

    The emblematic packaging of this generation is respectful of the environment, reusable and ethic. Companies use more and more recycle materials to meet this expectation. They try to avoid plastic which pollute a lot.

    I think that GenZ wants funny and playful details on the packaging. The fruit juice brand “Innocent” understood that well. On each bottle there are original quotes which encourage the customer to read all of the information written on it.
    This generation also want to live experiences: connected packaging start to flood the market. Thanks to a mobile app, we can now scan a product and know everything about the company, the ingredients, the nutritional intakes and much more. We can directly have the social medias name or code of the brand too.

    The packaging can be useful. For instance, in the jewelry sector, mirrors are included in boxes. The customer can reuse it when he/she travels. It has a double function.

    Nowadays, people from the generation Z like to show their social success, that’s why companies surf on the logotype trend. They want a full recognized packaging so that in the street and even if at home, they can show that they have enough money to buy this brand and product. After that, they can post their purchases on social media to share their beautiful life with their community.

    Moreover, the packaging has to be nice and look attractive. GenZ cares a lot about the design of the box or the bag. They want it to be different and well made. It must be as qualitative as the product inside. Noble materials are very often used such as leather; sometimes the packaging can even be more expensive that the product itself.
    When it is a gift, the packaging is the first thing that the person sees and touches, so it is very important that it looks amazing. The company Tiffany & Co plays a lot on its boxes which are recognizable by everyone.
    The packaging is definitely a complementary product during the purchasing act: the price of a product includes it in the offer.

  2. The packaging that seemed to me to be most in line with the generation Z after having visited the Luxepack salon in Monaco and having done research on the internet, is the packaging of the bottle of vodka Grey goose designed by Dapy.
    This packaging is the subject of a patent because it uses an innovative technology allowing the electroluminescence of the label of the bottle without having to hide wiring in the structure. This luminescent label is waterproof and allows the bottle to glow in the dark with great power without changing its shape.
    I think that this innovative packaging corresponds to the GenZ expectations because firstly it does not modify the traditional shape of vodka bottle, but it increases the visual appeal of it through the flash aspect of the logo on the Label and gives an electronic appearance to the bottle. Individuals of this generation most often consume this product and this brand in nightclubs and most often they buy one bottle of vodka for several people. There is this aspect of sharing around this product. When the waiter brings the bottle all the persons that participated in the purchase of the bottle carefully watch the routing of the bottle to the table because this is usually done with a kind of staging. And they celebrate this moment together. Most often they record it and publish it on social media directly.
    With this new packaging the bottle will be in the light when it will be taken to the table and the people present in the nightclub will all notice that a bottle was bought and which clients bought it. This is another reason why I think this new packaging fits the GenZ perfectly. Because it also allows individuals to stand out from others because of the exclusivity of the packaging, and because it attracts the attention of people around them, especially in night clubs. This being related to the fact that the GenZ is not anymore scare to show off their wealth, as were previous generations.
    Finally, this packaging corresponds to the GenZ because we see in this generation a tendency to want to associate goods to memories. And it is recurrent to see individuals belonging to the GenZ carry empty bottles of Vodka, Whiskey etc… that they consumed at a party to take home as a « souvenir ». It is like a memorial totem and the new Grey goose bottle is strongly stimulating this materialist desire because of its luminescent aspect that makes it an exceptional bottle.
    This bottle will attract the greed of individuals belonging to the GenZ.

  3. LuxePack Monaco 2018″ had countless creative and innovative packaging designs to offer. From classic to retro to futuristic – every preference was satisfied. However, I particularly remember the packaging from Norline & Co. The first thing I noticed was a packaging for a whiskey as it was designed like an antique suitcase: In the middle the bottle was embedded in the packaging, against the background of a map of Scotland. The folding sides of the case contained ingredients that are essential for any whiskey: Peat, grain, barrel and spirit. In my opinion this packaging reunited many of the values important to the Generation Z. The importance of tradition mentioned in the IFOP study is certainly met with the spirit whiskey itself, as well as with the simple, classic brown suitcase as a packaging. The ingredients displayed also show the high quality and the origin of the product. Same goes for the trend to show success and the experiential materialism. Whiskey and an extravagant packaging like the one described before, show that the person possessing it is doing well. The trend, that the Generation Z is engaged with concrete, day-to-day actions and personal involvement can also be confirmed referring to their desire for a more ecological lifestyle. The new generation cares a lot about the environment and where and how the products they consume are produced. By using a sustainable packaging, companies definitely have a good chance to reach more consumers of this target group. In general, Norline & Co. displayed several forms of packaging for different kinds of products. Their design was overall very creative and has taken up the current trends.

  4. An interesting packaging to be used by the Z generation is light packaging. In the automotive, technology or ready-to-wear industries, materials exposed to light attract this generation. They will shine or blink : in a sparkling and majestic way when it comes to the crystal of a bottle or a vial, or surprising when they are used in phygitalization on innovative packaging (luminescent labels that light up as soon as a movement is detected for example). Sequins, precious stones and glitters are also welcome in this desire for assertive luxury.

  5. A packaging that I found interesting is one that uses natural materials. “The elemental collection” exhibited its concept at the Luxe Pack Monaco and I found this idea great.
    Having done my previous internship in leather goods, the materials with a great demand by the brands are more and more “Vegan” materials (cork, wood, stone, concrete, …). Even watchmakers are turning to stone leather bracelets for example. So, I think that packaging that uses natural materials is a very innovative idea. They do not pollute and enter in a process of biodegradable waste.
    That’s why I think they perfectly match or fit with GenZ. This generation is aware of the problems of today’s society and of climate change. Like all generations, this one wants to consume but consume well. That is by reducing the impact on the planet. In addition, the materials are playful and original. “Concrete” is my favorite, it makes a raw and very natural effect that could be used perfectly for a perfume or makeup packaging.

  6. First of all, it is important to know that generation Z, is a demanding generation, born with a digital air.

    The packaging i chose was proposed by Nike for the release of their new model “Air Max”. Nike has been able to innovate by offering a totally innovative shoe box with something never seen before.
    They designed a totally transparent shoe box made of inflated “soft” plastic reminiscent of the shoe model. This packaging is perfectly suited to this generation by its modernity and the breakthrough that this innovation presents. It makes it possible to differentiate oneself completely and to bring a feeling of not being like everyone else to consumers.

    Link :

  7. Knoll Prestige Packaging: the art of revisiting the concept of advent calendar

    A few weeks ago in Monaco, he LuxPack exhibition took place. For the occasion, Knoll Prestige Packaging was present and an item in particular caught my attention.

    This item is called “cache cache à Versailles coffret” and spreads iconic values from the luxury world. The reference to Versailles should be really appreciated by the generation Z who, at some point, stick to a traditional luxury vision.

    The idea of reinterpreting an item that was part of our childhood would have an impact on the young generation. It is an innovative packaging and people can use it as a decorative object.

    There is a strong link to the art universe with an illustration of the French gardens. This experience through visuals gives an added value to the packaging made with qualitative material.

  8. During my visit to the Luxe Pack in Monaco, I was very attracted by the dual-use and reusable packaging. Indeed, I find that this innovation really makes sense and it is very interesting for several reasons. First of all, it reduces consumption. For example, a perfume whose packaging later becomes a travel box is very interesting because it reduces waste and allows its users not to have to buy a new tool later.
    Then, there is the appeal in the consumer’s enthusiasm for this product. These kinds of innovations can make a difference in the purchasing process. Indeed, if a customer hesitates between several products, his final choice could be the reusable packaging because of this very interesting double function.
    This innovation is the one that pleased me the most and left its mark on me during the Luxe Pack in Monaco.

  9. A packaging that I found particularly interesting at LuxePack Monaco was an innovative solution for champagne packaging. The company offered a way to ease and strenghten the tracability of champagne bottles. It also ensures the ‘non-counterfeiting’ of the bottle and allows the client to have a digital interface to know all these information. I think it copes well with the ethical issue of new packaging solutions, of connected packaging and with the major concern (all sectors concerned) of counterfeit that the GenZ is really aware of.

  10. For many years, companies have been focusing on the development of new more qualitative packaging. This is the case of Louvrette, a company that is one of the European leaders in plastic packaging for face and body care.
    Millenials are paying more and more attention to the packaging of products.
    They are sensitive to the good quality of the materials. The company offers 100% Germanic production. Louvrette offers sophisticated packaging. The younger generations (Generation Z) are concerned about respecting the environment. This company is implementing tools to increase energy savings and improve material recycling.
    The brand has a very important commitment to quality. The manufacturing and assembly processes ensure perfect follow-up and quality. A product is first of all reflected by its packaging. It is the first element that the customer will see in the store. This is why brands rely on qualitative packaging that emphasizes the product.
    Louvrette therefore offers innovative and sophisticated solutions for generation Z.

  11. During my visit to LuxePack Monaco, I observed different new packaging trends and innovations. This year, ecological and re-usable packagings were the most popular trends.
    With these kind of packagings, companies aim to provide customers with packaging which will not have a negative impact on earth and which can have a second life. It means that it could be used as a real product and not as a simple packaging usable only once.

    These kind of packagings will be very important in few years due to environmental issues. The product’s consumption will continue to increase and by consequences, the packagings’ consumption will follow the same trend. So, we need to find different solutions around these questions.

    A packaging has caught my attention. It was a packaging for a watch. It was almost entirely made with natural and biodegradable materials and more precisely in hood. Moreover, this box could become a decorative object with its beautiful look or a storage case. I found that it was a good example to illustrate these trends.

  12. During the luxe pack I was able to discover two types of packaging that marked me and that will be best sellers for houses in the future of luxury for me.
    The Moet&Henessy brand created a champagne bottle with a minimalist and attractive design that can only be seen with a light signal on the bottle (phone flash). This is intended for a very young customer part of the Y or Z generation and more precisely in nightclubs when these bottles will be filmed in the dark by buyers. It’s an innovation that is creative, original and attractive to consumers.
    Second, I was able to discover a wide range of recyclable packaging. Very aware of environmental protection, I think that’s the packaging of the future that will be greatly appreciated by this new generation, which will want to put the environment first, especially in terms of packaging. I think it’s also in the new policies of luxury homes.
    Thanks to this event, I was able to see all the innovations in terms of packaging, but these last two remained in my mind.

  13. According to me, generation Z has grown up in a technology-driven world and are in constant need of personalization. Compared to other generations, generation Z needs to be stimulated and have the opportunity to live a unique experience through their shopping journey. Therefore, the packaging that would be best adapted to this generation would combine experience and technologies. The idea is to offer them the possibility to create themselves the packaging that best corresponds to their personality, on an iPad directly in the boutiques. They would be able to choose the materials, the shapes, the colors, and all the details of their packaging. The possibilities will be infinite and completely unique as each packaging will have specific characteristics that perfectly fits to the personality of the buyer. Once the client has designed his or her packaging, it would be printed with a 3D printer instantly. The client could then share his or her idea on social media. I think this packaging innovation could be particularly attractive to generation Z because it is an experience connecting personalization and digitalization.

  14. Thanks to EDHEC, we were able to visit the luxury packaging exhibition that took place in Monaco from 1 to 3 October.
    In fact, we had to find ideas for our Luxury project.
    There, we could see many packagings, one of which caught my attention.
    It was a heart-shaped packaging.
    We could detach the right part of the heart from the left part.
    I found that very interesting because, at the same time, you can buy something for you but also for your girlfriend/boyfriend.
    Indeed, the two parts of the heart were connected to each other by a magnet.
    It allow too, having 2 boxes instead of one.

  15. During the LuxePack show in Monaco, I had the opportunity to discover a new packaging for Moet et Chandon bottles. It was a bottle, with a black metallic cover and red stripes, the particularity of these red stripes is that when they were photographed with a flash : the white color appeared instead of the stripes which allowed to highlight the bottle.

    I think it is an innovation particularly related to the Z generation in the sense that it is a generation used to post on social network using their phone ( especially in nightclub) . This allows the brand to be promoted trough the most popular channel of the Z generation but also trough the older generation.

  16. Biologique Recherche, skincare specialist, launched “La Grande Crème”, with a promise of cellular renewal, the cream is housed in a luxury box to match.
    It is an innovative and bold multi-faceted treatment in the image of its box made by MPack. La Grande Crème with its fututistic shapes evokes the Biologique Recherche of tomorrow. The mold and the jar, tailor-made fo Biologique Recherche, are made by one of the last French artisanal glassmakers. The jar is polished by hand. Its pearlescent white lacquer and its manually gilded facets allow to sublimate its elegant and original design, with the colors of the brand. The gold features evoke both the excellence and the scientific innovation of La Grande Crème.
    Indeed, the hexagonal lid is constructed of 130g paper with gold hot-stamping and raised selective varnish. A shiny gold satin ribbon is affixed to the top. The hexagonally shaped box inside, composed of 250g coated carton covered in a matte gold film on both faces, folds outward to reveal the jar.

  17. On October 3rd, I went to the LuxePack Monaco. I was there to find an idea of packaging for our BBA project at EDHEC Business School. I saw a corner with free plastic packaging. The message said ” Free plastic but still glossy”. I think that today packaging are important but they need to take care for the planet. That’s why I was so happy to see packaging that care. As a reminder a recent analysis about the Earth warmth concluded that it is warmer by 1,5 Celsius Degree. Packaging is a waste. Why having plastic packaging that will end their life in the bin when we can protect the planet and keep a beautiful packaging ? see

  18. When I went to Luxepack, I saw a very innovative packaging. It’s the connected box of the company Obérion. It is a connected box that included the bracelet but also a touch screen.
    It displayed the news, allowed to contact the service with one click. this packaging could please the GenZ because it’s innovative, original and implements several channels.

  19. During the visit of the luxepack i discovered the concept of perfumed ceramics. This new process allows to inlay perfume on a ceramic for more than 6 months. This permit, for example, to replace perfume testers or to expand the range of brands by transforming their flagship perfume into fragant decorative objects. From an eco-responsible point of view, this invention allows to overcome disposable testers. This invention is therefore perfectly in line with current ecological concerns, which are becoming increasingly important to consumers and therefore to companies willing to attract and keep their customers. It will also allow companies to achieve significant economies of scale by making available only a scented ceramic, that can last up to 6 months, instead of an expensive bottle of their flagship perfume. Let’s see how this innovation will fit into our current world.

  20. When visiting the Luxe Pack Forum there was a lot of connected packaging. For instance, I saw a intriguing jewelry box: on the front face of the box was written “Tap here to discover more”. The box was actually connected. This means, customers are redirected, by scanning the box, on the website of the brand. They will directly find all the informations on their product. Incorporating technologies to packaging today is important because the GenZ want a phygital experience, a mixte between physical and digital experience. Having a packaging that allows to also have a digital experience is therefore very interesting for luxury brands. This “smart packaging” can also develop the trust of the consumer and enhance the interaction between the packaging and the consumer.

  21. The packaging of Belverdere Vodka’s “Silver Laser Lumineux” collection is particularly innovative and attractive to customers of Generation Z. First of all, Belvedere’s philosophy is to be creative, in search of excellence and wants to work with the best. Generation Z customers want products to be innovative and modern, while at the same time being qualitative and unique.
    Secondly, the packaging of the “Silver Laser Lumineux” collection is particularly innovative with the luminous aspect of the bottle. indeed, the bottle can be lit with a battery box system positioned under the bottle. But that’s not all, the bottle can also be customizable. Belvedere offers the possibility to write an inscription on the bottle or to customize the brand’s emblematic trees (which are the brand logos). The bottle is then a unique object that corresponds to the personality of each customer. No one will have the same bottle because this one is unique. Once de vodka consumed, the bottle has a second life and becomes something else. Indeed, the bottles can be used as a bedside lamp or as a decorative object. Generation Z is looking for lasting packaging. That is, the container can be reused for another function. What the packaging of the limited edition of the vodka brand does very well. The limited edition bottle permits the brand to be even more exclusive and rare. Generation Z is looking for packaging that no one can find, notion of rarity is important for them. We can say to conclude that this packaging corresponds well to expectations of generation Z customers and moreover the bottle is very innovative.

  22. I went to the Luxpack in Monaco and as I am very interested in the wines and spirits i noticed a new type of packaging used for the Champagne bottles. It is a concept of shining bottle. Indeed you can light up the bottle and then it’s shining in the dark. With this bottle you can see the logo of the brand even if you are in the dark of a night club. Moreover, it is a way to show off that you bought a bottle of champagne. I think that that kind of innovation could fit with the GenZ because it represents some their values like the showing of success, the tradition (It remains champagne), and the light.

  23. Generation Z is very attentive to new developments. The packaging of a product for this generation, which I think can touch them, are the luminous packaging. This idea is already found on alcohol bottles. The latter are illuminated to give more upscale look. This type of packaging is appreciated by this generation which is very social network oriented and likes to share this kind of moments (and products). I think that several types of brands could develop this style of packaging to further support its product and give it a sense of importance. As soon as a product is highlighted, it is immediately identified.
    In addition, light gives a very qualitative aspect to the product. This idea I think could affect the generation Z because we also find a technological side by trying to include light in a simple packaging.

  24. I chose the packaging Nike Stadium, a shoe box with a stadium printed inside the box. : . I think this packaging is innovative and attracts Millennials. First, it is directly related to the news and especially to an event known and followed worldwide, the World Cup. Secondly, the brand offers an experience to its customers through its packaging. There is grass, bleachers and even the blue sky under the lid, with the sound of the crowd in the stadium when you open the box. Lastly, there is this idea of exclusivity that Millennials particularly enjoy. Indeed, the packaging is ephemeral and made for a special occasion.

  25. Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2000, still a teenager, is becoming more and more interesting to professionals. Indeed, it’s a new challenge. It is important to understand their needs and expectations in order to be able to satisfy them. They are the buyers and consumers of tomorrow.

    First of all, we notice that the young people of this generation are very demanding. More equipped, more connected, more informed, the Generation Z is born with the digital and its behaviors are now impregnated.

    They expect much more than just buying, they want a real experience from A to Z for which they want to come back. For this generation, we want an innovative, digital and offbeat packaging.

    The G.H. Mumm connected bottle of champagne by Pernod Ricard :

    The Mumm champagne brand launches a bottle of champagne connected using an RFID chip with geolocation features to personalize the tasting atmosphere. The device aims to personalize the tasting experience at the time of uncorking.
    In practice, each place that commercializes these connected bottles of champagne should be able to vary the atmosphere depending on the rhythm of the corks that jump.
    At the time of opening, a signal is heard causing a complete change of mood both in terms of sound and lights. Then, It’s really easy to recreate a warm environment with dim lights or a more electric atmosphere with multicolored flashes. The jump of the cork automatically triggers the music chosen by the user for an effect of the most exceptional.

    This new packaging offers a real innovative tasting experience and a real surprise effect.

  26. Very interesting article!
    I think Cosfibel -which was present on the Luxe Pack- answered very well the expectations of GenZ with their converting box packaging for perfumes.
    They have managed to combine many characteristics that you mentioned in the article. The tradition, with a very basic square box (this remains the best format for retailers). The innovation with a very particular way of opening the box by sliding the front face to the upper side of the box. But also durability because the box is then transformed into a real display unit and the customer can simply leave his/her perfume inside as a piece of decoration!

    I am sur many other exponents had real interesting ideas answering the expectations of GenZ!

  27. The innovative packaging for Generation Z would be made of a material that, just by touching, could take the desired form and be reusable. It would be a kind of foam that could be shaped as desired. In addition, it could highlight a play of light that would allow it to stand out completely. It must detached itself from what can already be marketed, such as boxes, papers, etc. Generation Z needs stimulation in a society that is evolving very quickly in many areas. We must succeed in arousing this generation thought internet. By offering this packaging, it is the novelty that is present. It means proposing a different and fun concept. If you present a package to a person, the first thing they see is the packaging. If the packaging is original, there will be more desire to discover the rest of the product. The manufacture of foam packaging seems totally inappropriate but can become a must. It would be possible to keep the packaging and not throw it away as is most of the time the case. The play on lights should attract the eye and make the object intriguing and mysterious…

  28. For the luxury pack 2018 of Monaco, i found that the most interesting packaging for generation Y is the “Inure” company’s packaging. Most of the student who were with me stopped for several minutes at this booth. This shows the interesting aspect of the product for the Generation Z. I think the interesting aspect in this product is the interactivity. How does it work: when you pass in front of the packaging it lights up and a logo appears. It’s the same with touch interaction. This packaging can react to movement and touch.

  29. During the Luxe Pack Monaco, we saw many innovations in terms of packaging. We are able to understand that the Z generation is looking for innovative packaging, particularly in terms of ethical creation that respects the environment. This is why the organisation awarded a “Luck Pack in Green” prize.

    However, the Z generation is looking for packaging that can assert its personality and state of mind. In addition, the packaging must be able to be a decorative element for it self or its apartment for example. That is why I would like to mention the packaging of the perfume “Good Girl Velvet Fatal”. This perfume, from the brand Carolina Herrera, is in the shape of a stiletto heel. A very high stiletto heel. The part of the foot curve is red, the part of the heel is black and the needle is gold. Very feminine colors. This reveals its ruthless power of attraction.
    This packaging allows the woman of generation Z to assume her good girl side, her feminine personality, to assume her seductive power. In addition, the packaging allows her to have a decorative element for her bathroom, bedroom or even living room.
    The brand has created another packaging for this collection with a stiletto heel in very dark and very light colors, for a woman of Z generation who will assume her good but also bad side. Finally another one, with very dark colors representing an elegant, sexy but also very mysterious woman.

    Thanks to this packaging, Z Generation will no longer only buy a perfume, but will be able to differentiate, assume and re-use it (in decoration): everything it’s looking for !

  30. During the LuxePack Monaco Show we were able to see a fully electronic packaging. http://Saralon. It was packaging lighting on contact with the skin by tiny led in some places. It was the Saralon brand that realized that. There are different packagings : rigid cardboard, cardboard, paper,plastic or wood box. I think this kind of packaging can interest the GenZ because it’s innovative,original and refers to technology. This packaging perfectly matches the novelty expected by this generation.

  31. The Generation Z is a major subject that is much talked at Luxepack 2018 in Monaco.

    They like the authenticity revisited, with brilliance and flexibility especially for luxury products.

    The packaging is for me something very important, it contributes strongly to the sale. Companies should not be afraid to pay for expensive packaging, particularly in the luxury sector. The packaging illustrates, and can tell the story of the brand. This story may be the reason for the purchase. It conveys the values of the brand at a glance. It’s important to have an unforgettable shopping experience for consumers.

    For packaging we can go to the mysterious side, which will make consumers want to discover the product. A square box of quality for simplicity, but which can open in two (pulling towards us). Indeed, by opening the consumer (the Millenial) will be surprised to discover the universe of the brand that is hidden inside. In the background, a mirror for this sensation of greatness that will allow the consumer to see himself by opening it and invite him to this story. He will feel concerned and at the heart of the brand. The bottom of the box can be velvet for the prestigious side. In the center of the box is the main product at the heart of this universe. On the sides, other products can be put to add value to this box. The colors must be in keeping with the brand, while remaining in the colors of luxury and sobriety. As for example, white, black and gold are colors that the consumer appreciates and that work. This packaging can be reused in decoration.

    To realize such packaging there is a company located in Boulogne-Billancourt, Cosfibel Premium which specializes in luxury packaging. She can bring a neat job by hand for more quality.

    The main target of this packaging being the Z generation, it is important to meet their expectations and to look after the details.
    In addition, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is increasingly important to consumers. Brands must modify their offers by taking the environment into account to have a good brand image.
    The added peculiarity in addition to an experiential experience throughout the history of the brand. He would be interested to install a sensory experience integrated in the packaging to create a real emotion for the consumer. Using a scent that matches the mark, or a scent that reminds of childhood or something that inspires scarcity.

    The details are tailored to the business while keeping materials corresponding to the world of luxury that touches the Millenial target.

  32. Luxury and ecology: Today, packaging is an integral part of our lives and strongly influences our purchases. He had to be at the same time: more fun and more ecological. More and more people and particularly the new generation are paying attention to the materials used and the impact it can have on our environment. To convince this new generation with a packaging it’s indispensable to think about the internet and the customization. People have to feel unique. To combine these to criteria which are the customization and the environment, the packaging of Innocent is a good representation. Innocent describe the packaging as their first media. It’s a good way to reach its target because it’s a very close media: the 1to1 communication. You can think that you have a particular relation with the brand and today this is what customers and particulary the new generation are searching. Their packaging is a clean design: transparency, simplicity, quality … Luxury brands could be inspired by developing a more ecological concept that would improve their image and also bring a personal touch while keeping their state of mind. This could attract a new clientele because the perception of the brand will be different. With packaging like this, luxury brands could develop a sense of belonging to the brand.

  33. Few weeks ago, I attended Luxe Pack Monaco. It was an opportunity to discover innovative packaging. An eco-friendly packaging attracted my attention.
    Plastic is the dominating packaging material and its consumption is growing all the time. The planet needs and the costumers require new solutions. Sulapac found it by developing a packaging which combines sustainability with luxury and esthetic, meeting the needs of the GenZ generation.
    Sulapac is the world’s first premium fully biodegradable packaging material made from renewable and sustainable raw materials that would help to reduce the plastic waste.

    The GenZ generation desire for ecology is changing how brands are approaching their packaging strategies.
    This new generation is highly concerned and engaged to make a difference and create a better world. As a result, they will be inclined to choose the brands that are engaged and eco-friendly, thus packaging play a key role.

    Therefore, the concept meets the GenZ generation who show themselves personally engaged with concrete and day-to-day ecological actions. Indeed, as the summary of the conference explained, 68% try to stick a more ecological lifestyle and 59% try to live in great harmony with nature. The premium ecological packages help the customer to communicate his commitment to sustainability.

    Sulapac’s packaging meets the needs and desires of the GenZ generation by being eco-responsible and esthetic.

  34. The packaging of INURU is a good example of innovative packaging that is particulary attractive for the Z generation.
    INURU, offers packaging that lights up when you pass in front of or touch a switch.
    Trendy, chic and modern, the product is reinvented and becomes an experience. INURU has succeeded in combining digital, which is at its height for the Z generation, with packaging, an essential support in the communication of a company.
    It is a new form of experiential materialization, respectful of the environnement because no material used is dangerous and makes the product safe to use and recycle, which also pleases GenZ.
    In addition, the product is very innovative, as it is fexible and thin, which allows it to be applied on all types of surfaces, such as a sheet of paper. As if INURU was printing light.
    This revisited authenticity of the packaging, which will attract the eye of the Z generation and will seduce them.

  35. SARALON – Simplifying Electronics

    Saralon is a spin-off from the Institute of Print and Media Technology at the University of Technology Chemnitz (pmTUC). The pmTUC is a leading research institute in the field of Printed Electronics. The expertise not only includes functional inks but also circuit design, package design, package production and printing. Saralon has developed an innovative range : Light Emitting Package. Indeed, these packages are capable of emitting light, SMD LEDs are fixed directly on the cardboard and powered by a thin printed battery. Three products have been launched : SaralOLED, SaralLight and SaralIllu.
    I think GenZ may be attracted to Saralon’s packaging. First, the electronics products are one of the request of this new generation, this packaging is attractive with the ability to emit light. In addition, they are proof of creativity, by their design and their colors. Finally, the GenZ is in constantly looking of experiences and with the Light Emitting Package consumers discover a new way of thinking the product and handling it.

  36. The innovation that I found particularly interesting was the printed chocolates of the brand in question. The company “Les editions du chocolat” manufactures personalized chocolates with the company logo (Dior, Chanel etc). They use a special moulding technique to give realism to the chocolate. I find this interesting because the major luxury brands use this concept to offer gifts to customers. This enhances the customer experience. This new type of packaging is very interesting for the Z generation. Indeed, this generation is very sensitive to the customer experience. This generation doesn’t just want to buy a product, they want a personalized service. Thus, a chocolate gift after a purchase is part of the experience. The person feels privileged by the brand.

  37. At Luxe Pack international show in Monaco, I discovered many interesting packagings. Among the hundreds of exhibitors presents, a packaging creation company, Creanog, is the one that for me could be the most appealing to GenZ. It offers design products that highlight the brand image of its customers. The packaging that I love is the creation for Guerlain, called the Imperial Hive that highlights the artistic beauty of the product. At Luxe Pack, I also discovered one of its works, created for a Master Chocolatier through the use of embossing and hot stamping. The result is stunning !

    For many years, Creanog imagines and realizes prestigious communication tools for worlds as jewelry, fashion, beauty or champagnes and spirits. It specializes in embossing and hot stamping techniques.

    What I particularly like in its packagings is that the company is constantly experimenting with new techniques to offer ever more innovative packages : paper inlay on textile, woodwork, …

    I think that these new experiments attract the Millennials because they are in constant search of new concepts and prestigious products, with a unique and innovative know-how. The Creanog’s packagings reconcile graphic design, craftsmanship and marketing approach to imagine unique objects with traditional know-how. Millennials love design objects, creativity and tradition. In addition, these packagings are used by many luxury brands like Chanel, Guerlain, Dior, … These brands are very appreciated by GenZ.

  38. We have visited Luxe Pack Monaco, it was an opportunity to discover and comment packaging innovations in different sectors like cosmetics, fragrances, …

    Saralon, Simplifying Electronics
    the innovation which attract my attention is a package capable of emitting light. I have chosen this type of packaging because I think it could be responds to the GenZ generation’s demands. Indeed, the concept is simple : to make a package capable of emitting light, they have developed several types of products. Saralon, printed electronics are the cheapest and most efficient way to make packaging smarter, more useful and safer for the end user. They have developed different innovative inks to produce different electronic devices by using conventional printing machines. By using Sarl Inks, package manufacturers can print various disposable electronic applications themselves and integrate them into different packages by using their existing production line. Their technologies are developed to fulfill the requirements of the cost-sensitive packaging industry.
    Moreover, The luxury brands can ingrate easily by themselves the electronic applications.

    For example, for the SaralOLED Box, the principle is simple. A printed OLED is integrated into a cardboard package. A sensor is printed on the back side of the package. The OLED lights up whenever the sensor is touched. There is an activation options like touch, push, opening, capacitive sensor.

    Concretely, GenZ generation is “hyper connected” : it manages its virtual contacts and feeds its networks in a naturel way and this is part of its everyday life. The difference between real contacts and virtual contacts is more and more blurred, and this has an impact on his relationship to others in the “real” life. While we called the genZ generation of volatile, the specialist announce us a GenZ generation detached. It is for this reason that in luxury, packaging is fundamental and that it needs to be constantly renewed and get their attention.
    They went a blend of physical and digital. They are looking for innovation and love personalization. Indeed, the genZ generation like the fundamentals of luxury, which are product and service excellence and ultimate creativity. In my opinion, by its creative and digital side, this packaging meets the expectations of genZ generation.

  39. When we are buying a new thing, we want to buy a completely product, including the packaging that we can keep or exhibit in our house.
    So, I chose to talk about the Armand de Brignac champagne brand with its new colored bottles.
    The Z generation or “Milennials” are looking for the next “innovation”. They are looking for something new.
    Indeed, Armand de Brignac has released limited editions for different. They came out with different bottle versions each with different colors. So, we can find a pink bottle in the colors of love or a green and gold bottle for golf lovers.
    This generation wants more and more a brand that can quickly and surely adapt to their wants and needs. That’s what Armand de Brignac does. Luxury Lovers will appreciate the details oh this bottles. Indeed, every detail is created by hand.
    Despite the prices, the Z generation is more and more attracted by this kind of new packaging and doesn’t hesitate to pay the wildest sums. They feel concerned and listened to by the brands.
    Packaging therefore plays an increasingly important role.

  40. The Z generation wishes to buy luxury products while living an experience through the purchase of this product. They wat to purchase products with recycled materials or materials that are environmentally friendly. This packaging can be reused later. It should not be used only for transportation purposes.
    Furthermore, the Z generation is very oriented towards digital trend. In fact, young people are connected to internet. They look at the news of the brands, they buy more and more with internet and they are very present on social networks. Packaging must therefore bring together all these facets of current trends. We can imagine a jewellery box made of recyclable material like wood for example. This packaging would then make it possible to be a small make-up bag so that women have their essential products stored in small cases. There could also be a small mirror so that they can put make up on. This packaging would therefore match to the expectations of the Z Generation.

  41. During my visit to LuxePack 2018 in Monaco, I saw a lot of interesting packaging. I came to this exhibition to find ideas to create an innovative GenZ packaging for Mimi, an Italian jewellery brand. The most striking for me was the Tiffany perfume box for a limited edition. First of all, the blue colour and the brand’s logo, symbols of the Tiffany and Co universe, are very recognizable and create a community of all the users of this blue box. It is an apparent sign. However, the special features of this perfume box are its customization and personalization options that are very important for the GenZ. Indeed, the paper box surrounding the perfume, reveals either a city (e.g. New York) or diamonds. The customer can choose the decor he/she prefers the most. This customization makes the box more precious and unique. Finally, the simplicity of the box and the proof of the brand symbols could please the GenZ because it sends them back to the traditional box and this element is very important.
    Nevertheless, Tiffany &Co could have added a digital aspect to attract even more this generation.

  42. According to Forbes, they are 11 environmental causes Gen Z is passionate about. Among them, they are climate change, animal rights and recycling (1). Generation Z is also known as a “doer” generation. A study from Fuse Marketing (2) showed that after learning that a brand is socially responsible, 85% of Gen Z trust the brand and 82% would recommend the brand to friends of family. As a consequence, if companies want to seduce this generation, the trend for more “eco-friendly” packaging has to be taken into consideration.

    And one specific material could be a good response to all of these concerns: Piñatex, a vegetal material made from pineapple. It is a very good alternative to traditional materials such as oil or leather; it is social and eco responsible thanks to a production which minimizes the environmental impacts. Because PETA awarded Piñatex with the price of “Innovation of the Year”, this material is reliable and a sign of good quality. Some famous brand such as Puma or Camper are already using it for their products.

    At Luxe Pack, we have seen and touched a pineapple leather (on the Mat&Sens stand). This material could perfectly meet the needs of Gen Z to have more products which are not involving animals in their production processes. Moreover, one other reason to use it in packaging is its surprise effect : when we look at a pineapple leather, it looks like real leather but when we touch it, it has a totally different aspect. This gives a funny dimension to the packaging.

    We are also aware of this generation’s appeal for personalization. As a consequence, it could be interesting to propose to customize this material (in terms of colors, aspects or even propose to put our initials on it).

    References :
    (1) :
    + Documents of the trade fair

  43. I have chosen the “OFF–LOUIS” Air Jordan 1s. It’s the new sneakers designed by Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. The collaboration between these two is a really big success. Indeed, it can be really emblematic for GenZ generation due to its originality. It’s a mix of old and new brand. The old jordan sneakers features Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram in the brand’s signature tone. To me, this is a really good product that GenZ is going to love because firstly, the jordan is a timeless sneakers and secondly because there is the monogram Louis Vuitton everywhere. This product shows that you have money and it’s also a fun collaboration between Off-White X Louis Vuitton and Jordan.

  44. Nowadays, more and more people want to adopt an ethical and ecological behavior. This is the case of the Z generation : “68% try to stick to a more ecological lifestyle”.
    Ethics has become a trend. That’s why many brands change their way of doing things to attract and sensitize more individual. A packaging with the least possible impact on the world around us could correspond to Z generation.
    It would be judicious to create a 100% recyclable jewelry packaging in cardboard and use non-polluting raw materials.
    This one would be for rings. It would be like a jewelry box. The person who will purchase a ring could then reuse the packaging of the ring. There would be the possibility to put several rings and earrings inside.
    To meet customer expectations, customization can be used for this packaging. In addition to having a double utility, the customer could choose the color of his “jewelry box”/packaging. It would then correspond exactly to the Z generation because it would be reusable, environmentally friendly and personalized. These are trends to which this generation is sensitive.

  45. I have chosen a packaging made by the french company MY PACK CONNECT. The original idea of the company was to launch an application that will “read” the packagings of all your products, even on advertisements, and tell you all the bad components that the product could contain.

    They have created a packaging for the french whisky brand Naguelann. The idea was to digitalize the packaging and use an application to decrypt the message hidden into the packaging. For example, when a customer buy a bottle for a friend as a gift, he can add a content such as a message, a video, some pictures… And when his friend is going to open his gift and photograph the packaging with a special application, he could discover the message or see the video.

    I think that this kind of packaging is really interesting and could really be something particularly attractive to Generation Z. Indeed, it’s a generation really sensitive about new technologies and digitalization. They could really be interested in a connected packaging like this one. Moreover, personalization is something really important and sought-after for the generation Z. The fact that you can totally create a unique message hidden into the packaging of the bottle could therefore really interest them.

  46. We all know that Generation Z is attracted by digital technology. So, if we want to reach this generation, we have to find a high-tech packaging. Nowadays, some packaging are developed in order to correspond to the new generation. Indeed, there is the “digital packaging”. How does it work ? It’s really simple. You only have to print a flash code on the packaging and then, when the person wants to know more about the product, he just has to take a picture with his phone. On his phone, he will see all the information about the product, and if he wants another one, he can order it with only one click. Today, the generation Z wants things to be quick and simple. This packaging answers to their needs.

  47. Beauty packaging is innovating faster than ever, in order to keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer lifestyles, and an ever-increasing list of needs and desires. Nowadays, companies must care about the environment because it is one of the main concern for consumers.
    As part of a unique initiative, four l’Oréal employees with a passion for organic farming have launched Seed Phytonutriens in April 2018. The brand is intended to be the most organic brand ever created. It comprises packaging designed to have as little impact on the earth as possible. The products are packaged in paper that is shower-friendly and can be recycled or composted. No glue is used ! Instead, an interlocking design was adopted and the plastic pouch is as thin as is structurally possible to reduce waste. The brand is focused on continuous improvements to get to zero waste.

  48. The packaging idea that is emblematic of GenZ generation is:
    -Sensorial packaging: GenZ generation likes to be surprised by unexpected and amazing new products to live new experiences. We can notice that luxury brands have tended to break the classic codes of luxury to be able to reach a younger generation. They combine technology and current packaging in order to create something modern and more sophisticated. Therefore, brands have developed sensory design approaches. In fact, the GenZ generation does not want only to own a product, they also want to awaken their senses. For example, the smell of a perfume embedded in the packaging, the smoke that comes out of the packaging or the embedded technology that makes interactive touch packaging or display with sound. Moreover, the use of bright colors such as blue, green, pink, orange and red give a total new look to packaging (a younger and more alive look). That touch of freshness truly represents the rising and dynamic GenZ generation.
    To conclude, what is essential is not really what GenZ generation thinks of a packaging but what this one makes them feel: which values and promises packaging are conveyed through its shape, size, touch, colors, etc. GenZ generation is seeking innovation and also sensation transfer, based on a complex system of interactions between their senses.

  49. Through your article, we are able to analyze what is actually important for the GenZ: The importance of the tradition, show off success, an experiential materialism, commitment and protect mental health.

    I had the chance to attend the conference on the digital packaging during this fair and I found a very interesting idea: the capacitive sensor. This new technology consists to put sensitive sensors under the packaging and when you put this one on a capacitive touch screen, you can make appear an animation (movie, image, song …)

    Now imagine this technology in our luxury store ! It could be amazing ! Example: Mrs X, 18 years old, wants to buy her first Neverfull Louis Vuitton bag. She comes into the store, waits for a client advisor and ask for her dream bag. But now all the bag in display have this new technology and when the Louis Vuitton saler put the bag on the screen, the client can watch all the Neverfull story (where does come from the inspiration, where does come from the material, when was it created…)

    Let’s go back to reality, this new generation of consumer is looking for a seamless shopping experience that fuses their online and offline worlds. They want authentic relationships with their favorite brands. As such, it’s critical for retailers to offer customers more than just a shopping opportunity – GenZ demands a shopping experience.

  50. I choose a LGR Packaging, which has developed a new bag-in-box concept, called Freez-BIB, which is ideal for the GenZ because of its functionality and technology. It brings a triple added value to the packaging, namely an additional function, a Premium finish made from environmentally friendly materials and an integrated connectivity device.

    The goal is to be able to keep a cool drink during any activities or trips. Thanks to a cooling system (ice cooler) which is integrated into the box, consumer can keep the beverage fresh more than 2 hours after exit of the bag-in-box from the fridge. On this way, the luxury concept Freez-BIB is a perfect pack to enjoy a cool drink during a summer party or meal with friends !

    The packaging has been designed in such a way that the cooling device integrates perfectly with the box. Thus, during final use by the consumer and on mechanization line, the package does not disturb the operation of the bag-in-box mechanism.

    The model presented is printed on a luxury high-quality metallic support and 100% recyclable since it does not contain plastic film. It offers brilliance and brilliance that are a real marketing asset for packaging.

    The freez-BIB model also incorporates Digimarc technology, which allows direct communication with the consumer and makes packaging “smart”. Thus, when the consumer approaches his smartphone from any side of the package, the device detects an invisible code that links to a URL supporting a website, a video, a social network, etc.

  51. After going to the Luxe Pack show in Monaco October 3rd, I was able to observe all kinds of different types of packaging. but the ones that interested me the most were those that stood out from those that already exist on the market. For our generation 2 it is important to consider the evolution of the world around us, the evolution of the digitalized world, of the new technologies but above all the evolution of our tastes and our requirements. In general, brands are faced with an increasingly central creative challenge. Consumers are constantly looking for a new offer, driven by a strong need for renewal and are increasingly sensitive to the packaging surrounding their products. We can see how when individuals go shopping, they take pleasure in photographing their bags, their packaging containing their new purchases and there them on social networks. So for me, the packaging that would best correspond to generation Z, would be a customizable packaging. Indeed, personalization is increasingly sought after and appreciated. After personalization on Louis Vuitton leather goods, Fendi also opted for the personalization of its products. Today, Dior has opted to personalize its iconic 2018 “Book Tote” bag at the Dubai Mall. Personalization is done directly in store, and in front of customers such as at LV place Vendome. During the luxe pack, I was able to see a stand proposing the creation of packaging thanks to “laser cut packaging” that allows to highlight an image on a cardboard or paper support. Thanks to this type of process, which responds to the age of time, new technologies and Z generation, we can create a customizable packaging, with the initials of customers or the person concerned by the product. I personally believe that personalized packaging would perfectly suit the Z generation both in terms of modernity and exclusivity. They would reduce waste, since they would be kept by their owners. In addition, the personalization of in-store packaging will create a real exchange between the brands and customers. The future is : Customization and no waste.

  52. I went to the luxury pack on the wednesday 3rd of october. During my visit I saw many new and interesting packaging for wines & spirits but also for parfums and cosmetics, and others products. One of them caught my attention, it was a light packaging. For exemple thanks to electronic links put in a simple sheet of paper you can switch on the light at the top of paper by touching the bottom. Furthermore there are a lot of ways in which the technology can be used, for instance it could be lights switching on when you pass nearby, when you take an object in your hand or when you just open a box.

  53. According the IFOP study and the characteristics of the GenZ generation, it’s possible to identify one type of packaging that, possibly, attracts them.

    The team of Pepsi & Co Design and Innovation had launched on the market a new type of premium bottled water, fusing creativity and design to be a source of inspiration at the same time as a water bottle.

    Why this packaging can attract people from GenZ ?

    First of all, the packaging is eye-catching, with attractive colors (orange, red, yellow…) and label motifs. It’s something that isn’t common and thus, attracts directly consumers. This can also help to trigger on the “impulsive purchase” of GenZ.

    The second aspect that can attract consumers from the GenZ, is the character of scarcity. In fact, those bottles are limited editions since they are designed by 3 emerging artists. Therefore, 3 different designs, from 3 different artists, are designed several times a year, thus, creating two phenomena related to the GenZ :

    – The desire to have something that everyone can’t have since the editions are limited. In fact, for example, actually only the edition 5th and 6th are available on the market.
    – The desire to collect something over the years and to have the entire collection of the different series, from the first edition.

    To finish, the creations made by the artists are designed in order to communicate a message inherent to societal issues. In fact, the different editions aimed to promote, for example, women in arts, the art in education, or the art beyond borders.

    Thus, this creative packaging can successfully attracts consumers from GenZ.

  54. During the 2018, Luxe pack 30th edition, i found a really interesting packaging for the GenZ.

    The packaging is from a german company named Inuru. They create packaging for champagne & wine bottles and also on demand for other bottles (coca etc…). The particularity of this packaging is that they bring lights on the label of the bottle. It is very interesting to bring technology in a traditional product. That technology is very impressive and exclusive, they won the “German Packaging awards”. In order to understand imagine a bottle of Dom Perignon or Perrier Jouet with a logo who is enlightened by a led technology . It’s a product very interesting for night club and hype/trendy restaurant . It’s completely in relation with the Gen Z who love to show what they buy and which brand they buy (the show off success lifestyle) with that technology everyone will see the brand name, everyone will want to take pictures of their bottles and then will share it on their social media. It’s an innovative product because it is really hard to create a technology in a small space like that (only 2,9mm) with an autonomy of 5 hours … and they also said that they are eco friendly so they follow the trend of luxury, innovation and ecological value. To me, this packaging has a genuine added value for the product and gives it a more luxurious aspect.

    This packaging is really interesting for Gen Z but also for company it will improve their notoriety and their communication.

    you will find below the link to their website and you will see how it works and how it’s such a good idea.

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