Luxe Pack Monaco 2017: tradition and innovation

EDHEC BBA students visited Luxe Pack Monaco today, the occasion to discover and comment packaging innovations in different sectors, like Fragrances and Cosmetics or Wine and Spirits (read the comments they make to this post). This year, two new spaces provide a source of inspiration.

First, a “Living Heritage Hub” is dedicated to the best craftsmen in France (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant) with Ephtée, Maison Fey, Crézé, Fonderie d’Art Macheret, Atelier Philippe Martial and Cristallerie Saint-Paul, all compagnies having in common excellence and traditional manufacturing.

Second, a multisensorial space proposes an immersive experience “Test your senses” in partnership with Mat&Sens. The space is organized around four major trends in luxury (source S.Truchi, IFOP) and their translation into emotions, sensations and packaging materials that we can touch:

  • Engagement with brands that truly commit, which leads to revisit The Nature through vegetal moss, mushrooms, sand, and wood composite
  • The reign of Singularity and self-expression with materials such as 3D textile or mix of acrylic and metal
  • Non-conformity and opposition to social codes and social expectations, translated through unusal materials such as cow stomach or ray skin
  • A New Vision of Time, a slow-time which allows consumers to enjoy the moment, through bamboo silk and translucent alabaster

Among the many conferences which were organized this year,  the conference “Creative Packaging for a drinking experience beyond the ordinary” explained the process leading to the launch of DIAGEO’s Tanqueray Gin Cage, an amazing bottle much discussed by students (read comments below).

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  1. When attending the LuxPack, i had the chance to discover new firms and innovations. One of them held my attention, it’s the company Prooftag. Prooftag provides security solutions for governments and private companies. Their innovations are used to secure, trace and prove the authenticity of all sorts of documents and products (such as wine, watches, etc.). It all works thanks to their Bubble Tag, a chaosmetric technology where human intervention is completely excluded from the generation process and provides a sustainable answer to problems of counterfeiting and forgery.

  2. The Lux Pack is the place to be for any supplier to make the difference by innovative packaging and attract potential investors. So, this exhibition was abundant in new trends like sensorial product : perfumed (exhilarating smell), in relief (similar as pop-up book), vintage (old-fashion packaging with implicit brand’s History), Japanese-inspired (zen style, origami packaging), many round shape, modern/contemporary style, refined shape, often in sober colours and with fluid/gentle curves.
    What I noticed, innovation in luxury isn’t synonym of green only; we found some products with these features (cosmetic, coffee often are nature oriented). Luxury fashion brand have well-understood that to make an impact it is necessary to opt for excellence (minimalism/details) so that the price of products reflects not only the product but also his packaging (and the search of perfection has no price…).

  3. During my visit at the Lux Pack 2017, I could see many innovations and beautiful things. It was very interesting and instructive.

    The innovation that attracted my attention most is the Dior’s Snowball. They created this product for the perfume. It’s a real piece of art. It’s a genuine winter wonderland trapped under a crystal globe, inside Dior’s snow ball. Instead of snowflakes, there are golden stars. There is hand painted miniature objects next to a golden Christmas tree. Each piece inside the globe is screen-printed in gold. The roses on the tree were individually hand sculpted.

    I choose this innovation because I found it wonderful. The details and finishes were very neat. This shows how packaging is a key element for a brand. This is actually the finish of the product. It introduces the story telling of the brand and conveys the message of the brand. It is a miniature and precise work, requiring precise skills.

  4. It was a pleasure to go to Luxe Pack and discover numerous types of innovative packagings corresponding to numerous sectors. It was very interesting to understand how the packaging sector works. I already went to other professionals shows in Paris but this one was in particular very attractive.

    What caught my attention in particular is a packaging proposed by the company Agust and Christine Marie – Luxury Packaging by KOLBUS.

    This company proposes packagings personalized in the shape, the presentation, the color and the finish. It proposes atypical and innovative display stands which adapt themselves to every type of products. The innovation in these products concerns the fact that this company answers totally at the problem of weight and storage that a large number of stores knows. To remedy it, it proposes packagings functional which unfold but which remain qualitative. They are thus more practical to store then to manipulate during the sale and are adapted to luxury items and Top of the range. The brands also have the possibility of creating their custom-made packaging and thus of having access to a totally personalized offer. To finish, this company mix the inheritance of its know-how in the method of production and the modernity in the finish and the emphasis of its products. It was a pleasure to talk with the director and to discover his brand and products.

  5. The Luxe Pack is a place, allowing to understand the last trends and the technological breakthrough thanks to the international participation of the companies of the sector of the packaging which come to expose their last creation.

    The perception of the packaging takes quite a different dimension. The packaging should not be more seen in its primary function which is to protect the product or to be used as a simple packaging.

    My attention concerned the combination of several criteria for the design of a packaging (the ecological aspect, the innovation while being inspired by the current trend). The company PRIMAL gave a meaning in his packaging. By being inspired by the architecture, he has created a metallic packaging with cuts which allows to protect the bottle of alcohol head teacher of which the objective is to attract the curiosity of the consumers thanks to a unique visual identity.
    However, the strength of the packaging lives in its second feature which is to use the metallic packaging as candlestick.
    The company has an ethical and ecological behavior because as said it Antoine Lavoisier ( French chemist, philosopher and a economist) “Nothing gets lost, nothing builds up itself, everything is transformed ”

    We can make of a simple one produces a real luxury item by playing on characteristics secondary sector such as the packaging. Carrier of judgment, the picture allows to give the tone to the product before knowing if the product will be appreciated by the public.

  6. This day in Luxe Pack allowed me to discover certain trends concern the environment and the connected technologies, in particular as regards the sector of perfumes and cosmetics for which I was able to learn very interesting things.
    However, during my visit in Luxe Pack I was surprised and amazed by the number of companies which proposed innovations and creations in the wine and spirits sector.
    Indeed, beyond the innovations in terms of conditioning, boxes with an exceptional design, the real trend was in “sleeves”.
    The sleeves are these effects which allow the bottles to be transformed and to fit very easily on special markets as the night market for example.
    Mat finish, brilliant, relief ….today almost all the present companies in the wine and spirits sector have already opted for these covers which seem essential. Numerous bottles are decorated with lighting effects for the night market etc.
    However, during the fair, I was able to discover new creations and innovations in particular the advent of the relief.
    Indeed, the relief and printing 3D are technologies which allow new demonstrations on the market, a real visual exploit.
    The three-dimensional effect takes its importance and becomes a real vector of communication which allows getting immediately the eye of the consumer.
    Optical illusions can build up themselves thanks to these reliefs, and leave a creativity and an extreme customization of the product.
    3D printing is a technology which according to me, promises beautiful things on numerous sectors in terms of perfection and customization.
    Numerous inspirations of bottles are bound to the sector of art and are even collected by certain consumers. This is in this type of situation that we can see until where goes the impact of packaging.
    This type of packaging can be a way for the small Champagne House to stand out.
    Therefore, the sleeves still have very good prospects on the market to make of a wine bottle a real work of art.

  7. Regarding the Luxe Pack 2017 in Monaco, the brand Mat&Sens, got my attention, it’s a whole innovation because the brand itself uses the 5 senses, for example, materials using the senses of touch and visual. A technique called “eye-tracking” is used to analyze where our eyes are looking, through glasses. The glasses record the path of the view, then analysis of the visual efficiency on a product or a space is made. The exhibitor explained that he had carried out analyzes in the Parisian subway or for the SNCF. According to him, the smell of strawberries transmitted in the Parisian subway or the color of the bar in the metro trains makes people think that these places are dirty because their brain are mistaken about the meaning. These examples illustrate the fact that each sense can influence the consumer when buying something and I found these analyzes very interesting since I did not know this technique before.

  8. I went to the “Luxe pack” in Monaco and my attention was particularly drawn to the following innovation:

    It’s the company SIGNASCRIPT who offers a « machine à signer » able to write automatically like a real human.

    I was impressed by this innovation because, it allows to save time and to lower company costs who researches this type of service.
    Indeed, this work is realized by a machine, thanks to this innovation the company can avoid to hire a calligrapher and can produce very quickly, without defaults, a lot of copies.

    For example, this innovation is interesting for personalized invitations sent for an event. This method gives, to the client, the impression that he is unique for the company and encourages him to participate to the event.

    Also, this innovation insists on the « robotisation » of our society. We thought that hand-writing can only be done by an human but now a machine can do it too.

    The “luxe pack fair” was a rich and great experience !

  9. Luxe Pack was a really instructive way to discover the insights of luxury packaging. I personally didn’t know much about it, so attending this event was even more interesting.
    In term of innovation, I particularly liked the concept of the company “Les Parfumables”. They produce parfumable ceramic, which allows to re-transcript the perfume as close as possible to its true scent and to make it last longer than it would on other materials.
    They produce those ceramics for perfume brands, as a new way to try and experience perfume, but also to many other different brands: those companies can put the perfumed ceramics with the product itself, in the shopping bags, in the shops, give them to consumers as a gift, etc. I think this is quite interesting because smell is one of the strongest human sense, and thus allowing consumers to remember the brand and the product a lot better. It’s also a way to complete the consumer experience and the storytelling of the brand; whose are both two very important elements of luxury brands’ promotion and communication.

  10. During The Luxe Pack at Monaco, we were able to observe many innovations in terms of packaging.

    The two innovations which attract the most my attention are :
    – Technew : Based in Le Loclen, She has already established itself as well-know figure in the box manufacturing industry. The company excels in the manufacturing and creation of boxes, namely watches, jewelry, liquor bottles and writing instruments and leather goods.
    – Proof tag : Based in France, she develops and offers security solutions for governments and private companies. Their innovations are used to secure, trace and prove the authenticity of  all sorts of documents and products thanks to chaos metric concept (relies on the recording of physically inclinable features to create a serialized authentication element).

  11. Visiting the Luxe Pack was very rewarding for me. In fact, I am really fascinated by the wine and spirits sector and it turned out that there were a lot of packagings for this sector.

    The company that attracted me more was ATS who designed an isothermal cork carrying case with a yellow handle for Veuve Clicquot. By using cork ATM highlighted the ecological side of the packaging but also this material reminds of the cork of the bottle. Also, this idea of packaging is very judicious because this isothermal cork brings a real added value to the product because it can be reused.

  12. After discovering the Luxe Pack 2017 at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, I have seen many innovations in term of packaging. It was very interesting to see the multitude of providers presents on the show.

    According to me, the most impressive innovation was the work of sample fragrance. The sample become a new way of communication who must have a relevant aspect with the brand image. The sample is make to impact consumer and to enhance the act of purchase.
    Real nomadic accessory, it’s upgraded and re-win its letters of nobilities. It resumes colors, materials, forms of ADN of the brand.

    It’s very important to understand challenges of the market in a world where consumers forget brands and items. The unpredictable consumer requires attention and reminders. The sample is the perfect accessory which accompanies the consumer all day long and sometimes all night long.

    Who was never been pleasantly surprised to find a sample at the bottom of his bag ?

  13. It was a real pleasure to go at Luxe Pack salon.
    I’ve seen a lot of different kind of innovations but the most memorable was « Adhespack, creative sampling ».
    The concept is just amazing: Promoting a perfume or a cosmetics product at everywhere. At a train station, in a specific street for instance. The packaging is connected to a tablet such as an Ipad , and the company has to set up all the information required. It’s very helpful because people can know where is the nearest shop or have the story about the product for instance.
    According to my view, this packaging is the future: Perfect innovation, very helpful and very ingenious.

  14. After visiting the lux Pack 2017, and seeing some innovations distinguishing themselves from others competitors Like the company Prooftag for example.

    In fact this company proposes a brand protection solutions. It is in the form of a label, and each product has an unique label. This allows to prove the authenticity of each product to your distributors and consumers and to dissuade the counterfeiters. This allows too, to reassure the customers by empowering them with the ability to verify the authenticity of the products for themselves before buying. This label integrates the authentication service on Internet.

    Furthermore, this allows to having a trace of the product, and identifying each of the products of the brand to trace: the destination and the buyer of the products potential returns. The brand can manage his distribution network to identify market diversion and trace each product from production to consumption for total quality management.

    To finish, this label will allow securing the parallel markets with the cosmetics for example. The consumers could tell if they buy a real product from an authorized reseller and check that it is not a counterfeit.

  15. During the Luxepack at Monaco, we were able to discover all the innovations in terms of packaging.
    This is what is sought in the trends of luxury, the temporality of the goods or services that are proposed. We can take the example of the two companies, “capsum” and “entdegres”, they created a brand called surprise your skin, which have allied their technologies and innovations in order to give real meaning to the products and their packagings. Capsum is a scientific company that invents new kind of beauty products and Centdegres is an independent international brand intelligence and design firm. This is really customization, intelligent cosmetics, intelligent packaging.

  16. Following our morning at the Luxe Pack Fair in Monaco, we’ve been able to observe innovations and the latest products launched in the luxury packaging sector.

    To me, Soluta is a brand which distinguished from the others as it involves the customers into their green way to see packagings.

    They launched this year a new kind of bag for their clients, which is made with recyclable materials such as fruits and vegetable wastes, newspapers or else. The principle is that, after use, the bag is supposed to be buried in the ground: The bag is then used as a fertilizer for the plants and it disintegrate in less than one week after it’s been buried.

    To me, this concept is a very smart idea:
    – It encourages non-wasting from final clients as they can use the bags after in their own gardens;
    – It avoids pollution as bags, even if they are thrown in the nature, are made to be non-polluants and disintegrating elements.

    Thanks a lot,

    I wish you a very nice evening !

  17. Hi Marie-Cécile,

    The innovation which attract my attention is product manufactured by EUROSTAMPA which is a family-owned company and global leader in the production of premium label for many product. The quality of the materials which they used and the different and various technologie they exposed was really interesting : it’s seems like a beautiful drawing or paint. I really appreciate this brand and the staff with who i have had a great time.
    In general I really appreciated the quality of all the packaging and the different technic to make them very practical.

  18. Today I attended a conference at the “Luxepack” showing new packaging and design strategies of brands in the wine and spirituous sector. In my opinion, one approach was particularly innovative.

    The brand “Diageo” chose to focus on the value perception of its packaging in order to reach new customers and extend the functionality of their products. The brand’s packaging design should be at the same time recognizable and identifiable with the brand itself but also have what is called a “second life”. This is how they created and designed a metal cage around their liquor “Tanqueray”. Not only this cage was an object of beauty and added a value to the packaging, but also it could be used as a fruit basket. The second functionality of the packaging increases the longevity of it and adds a value to the core product of the brand.

    There is one aspect that I would also like to make reference to:
    In general most of us enjoy opening up a classical packaging, but in fact, it has no other purpose than being esthetical. In most cases, it will then be thrown away, which is regrettable because it creates pointless waste and damages our environment.
    With the second life and use of the packaging of “Diageo” as a fruit basket, there is no longer any waste in material. Personally, I think Diageo has might not thought of its new packaging as a more sustainable approach, but the fact that the packaging has a second life makes it one.
    The new perception of packaging being something that is more than only an object of beauty, but something that can have a real use, is in my opinion an innovation in itself.


  19. Having visited the exhibition LuxePack Monaco 2017 on Wednesday the 4th of October, there were definately a lot of highlights that have caught my attention and interest. Besides the interesting talks and interviews with exhibitors at their stands about their different approaches to develop and implement original luxury packaging, I really enjoyed listening to the speeches at the conference hall. In the lecture entitled “Creative Packaging for a Drinking Experience beyond the Ordinary”, “The Cage” from Tanqueray in collaboration with the boutique design agency ButterflyCannon and the packaging company Virojanglor was presented. The goal according to Diageo – a global leader in spirituous and beer beverages holding the gin brand Tanqueray – was to find a packaging idea that compared good design with a reasonable price for the gin line “Tanqueray No. Ten”. Furthermore, it should mark the difference between other brands in the business, fit to the brand itself and make it recognizable, and most importantly offer the possibility for a second-life.
    The packaging – “The Cage” – that has been developed for the product line of the tradionally rich “Tanqueray No. Ten” is made out of 44 single metal sticks, a material which is usually used for feathers in mattresses. Metal seems to be such a trivial material, yet there is a great sense of originality behind the idea. Besides the objective of finding a packaging solution that would attract their customers at a moderate price range, the second-life and sustainability of the packaging played a huge role. The incentive was to offer customers an object that could be also displayed in their living room as a decoration object to become a part of their interior. Furthermore, functionality and safety shall be provided as the cage encases the glass bottle and protects it at the same time.
    Simultaneously, the brand ensures its reconizability, since the metal grids of the cage enable the customers to see the gin bottle inside. In addition, the cage is shaped just like the glass bottle itself while having also the typical red seal, a metal label carrying the brand name as well as a little booklet attached to it. Meaning all corresponding characteristics were successfully implemented into the design of the packaging. At the same time, the metal cage is remindful of typical cocktail shakers from the 1930’s which enables the brand to implement storytelling, even though Tanqueray was actually founded in 1830.
    In my opinion, this is an original example for innovative packaging, since it combines aesthetics and the nowadays indispensable component of being durable, offering a second life – thus sustainability. I am fascinated by the concept and the storytelling of the brand with their packaging, meaning to already restore in the empty cage the limes for the next Tanqueray gin – only one of many different ways to give a packaging like this a second-life.

    *Talk for “Creative Packaging for a Drinking Experience beyond the Ordinary” held by:
    Ann Chen, DIAGEO
    John Davis, ButterflyCannon

  20. It was really enriching. I was very surprised because companies focused on perfumes or cosmetics packagings, also for wine or alcohol bottles but not really for jewelry.
    Each stand was attractive and it was really easy to speak with each person in charge of the stand, I discovered lot of innovations or some details I will not even think about, and this is the definition of luxury. Little details are really important and that’s the reason why people buy luxury goods. The packaging is a big part of it, one company was producing papers for packaging. The large choice of papers was impressing, some papers were particularly made to do not make fingermarks notably for the black one, and lot of other with subtle differences.

    I noticed the personalization of products is really important, especially in luxury of course.
    The innovation which attracted me a lot was the innovation with chocolate, with the Editions du Chocolat. I found it orignal, as chocolate is actually a gift you can offer whatever the event. The fact, that brands have the opportunity to personalize it, allows them to make this gift really exclusive for its clients. That’s also a way to transmit its values to the customer.

    There also were a lot of digital tools of course, but in luxury I was more interesting by craft industry, even if one of those tools allowed brands to know and understand the points of contacts of customers for example when they look at a poster (which part they look first). It was really interesting, notably because currently it is pretty difficult to understand customer’s acts, they are very volatile and it makes things little bit easier.

  21. During the Luxe pack, the innovation which attracted me the most was the customizable chocalates, created by “les éditions du chocolats, le chocolatier designer”.

    For me, it was very interesting because we can see that the customization is everywhere, even on an edible product. Each company can choose to draw or write the name of the company, the logo, or some symbols on chocolate. This customization is made with white chocolate to contrast black chocolate.

    It’s a real treat !

  22. I didn’t find something very innovative and sustainable. However, I found a little cardboard box, with an original opening, which is practical, original, user-adjustable and sustainable.

    We can use this box for different things: jewellery as earings, rings or for desk materials like paper clip, tack, for example. It can even combine several different things. This makes it possible to combine four things into one.

    The assembly of the box is done without glue. It is the folding and the solid materials that allow the opening and closing of the box.

    That permits to have a compact packaging, square, but that has different tidying up. We cannot find this type of box everywhere.

    Link of the product:

  23. I had the opportunity to visit the Luxe Pack 2017 in Monaco which was the 30th edition.
    The number of exhibitors surprised me because I didn’t think this sector had so many competitors. I was impressed by several innovations but there was one which attracted me a lot.
    I was surprised by the digital development in order to help the product managers to design the packaging of their products. For example the company Albéa attracted me because it proposed an innovative software with which you can easily design the packaging of your product like choosing the colors, the holding capacity, the size and the shape. After the product manager finishes the design of the product’s packaging thanks this software, the digital model will be send to the company Albéa which has the aim mission to start the manufacturing process in its factory. Then the finished packaging will be show to the product manager who has to validate the final design. In my opinion this is a really good idea because it permit to ease the work of product managers who don’t have necessarily a formation in design. Furthermore it gives the opportunity to make several tests quickly in order to find the perfect packaging according to each luxury brand.
    I really enjoyed this trade fair and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit it next year.

  24. Today and particularly the Luxe Pack was the best way to discover how the packaging world works. I could not imagine that the number of suppliers were so high.
    The innovation that impressed me was the washable paper, that used the brand Levis at the back of their jeans. In fact manu suppliers are using it as a new material for their packaging, I found it very interesting in terms of durability and weight and this material looks also more natural.

  25. Visiting The Luxe Pack Monaco 2017 was a huge opportunity to discover innovating companies in luxury packaging world.

    I discovered a French Manufacturer called OBÉRION. The company creates connected cases to offer an experience to premium customers with unique brand relationship.

    The digital interface of OBÉRION can be customized by brand and propose digital contents such as: photos, videos and exclusive offers. Furthermore, the brand can send personalized invitations, is able to animate communities and analyze navigational data.

    I found this concept very interesting as the company is retaining its initial case expertise while innovating by including digital aspects in its products.

  26. During the LuxePack 2017, I looked at many stands but the packaging that has most marked me is the stand with the company MLW. The company propose products and packaging based on origami. Their flagship product was “Ice Pac”, an origami ice bucket.
    What is interesting is that the use of origami has an ecological advantage but also a storage advantage. Indeed, the products are designed to be transported easily because they are light and take up little space. In addition, they are reusable indefinitely because the carton is film-coated to withstand water (for example for ice buckets) and inside we can found aluminum plastic. L’entreprise utilise également, du polyéthylène, matériau pas cher et qui permet de résister au froid. Finally, thanks to the carton the product allows to be easily customizable. Indeed, the carton is declinable in all the colors pantone and printable in four-color process. The use of origami is captivating because it allows to create a new language in the world of luxury, and to reach the Asian countries, the countries that are becoming more and more bearer at the level of luxury.
    Out of these characteristics and specialization in the range of wines & spirits, what I found intriguing is that it combines several trends that we find in the luxury sector today. Either: personalization, ecology, and the influence of Asian markets. Moreover, I appreciated that the packaging does’nt put forward the digital. Today for many companies, digital is increasingly important to be able to innovate. During my meeting with the exhibitor, he made it very clear that digital is a short-term innovation, and that ecology is much more appreciated by businesses and consumers. Indeed, it is increasingly important to have a social responsibility to ensure a good image. We will always find alternatives to digital.

  27. I attended the event LUXE PACK where many professionals held a stand at the exhibition. I drew particular attention to inventive project. A team member of Albéa asked me if I needed any support? I just said, “Yes, I do! Would you introduce me your latest inventive project?” He started with the new application designed to create cosmetic product for the organization. It has been focus on 3D products presentation. Beside the highlighted products and solutions provided by the company the corporate client may tailored the products (size, packaging raw materials, capacity, closures). In addition, now graphic personalization is available and the system is running for cross cosmetics products. To challenge the new environment and to keep facing the increasing demand, companies step up its digitalization through an interactive platform. The new user-friendly interface also makes the communication easier between the companies and the communication agency. Indeed, the project falls under the innovation process towards to ensure a sustainable business rooted in a challenging environment. Managing change is likely the most important thing for a company especially customers demand is involved.

  28. I was very surprised to discover such a big number of exhibits at Luxe Pack. Between the perfumes and spirits and wines packaging, it was very interesting to understand how companies work nowadays on the luxury packaging. It was the first time I could talk with professionals about this item, I am very lucky.

    One company caught my attention in particular : the brand Ertus. They work on the bottle of spirits and wines, especially on the design. The principle is simple : the bottle is engraved by one colour, but one part is not engraved, in order to represent something. The rest of the bottle, which is not engraved, is transparent (the original color of the bottle). Thanks to the light (here under the bottle), the aim is to make the product unique, as a diamond. We use a play of light to highlight the drawing (for example the logo) and to show the beauty of the bottle ! It’s done especially for the clubs, when bottles are booked and every body sees the beautiful design ! For me, it is a new innovation in the packaging industry, because the logo is not just stick on the bottle, it’s thanks to the light that we can see it. They invented a new procedure of relief.

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