Edhec at Global Citizen Forum, Monaco 2015

EDHEC students were invited on October 8th and 9th at the Global Citizen Forum in Monaco. Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, was one of the prestigious speakers. Marguerite Hedde (EDHEC 2016, Msc Marketing) had a unique occasion to interact with him and asked the following question: “In 2012, you said about the Syrian crisis that Russia had a better analysis of the situation than the international coalition, as Russia wanted to interfere in order to protect the population rather than bringing the government down (RFI source). According to today’s situation in the Middle East, what role do you believe Russia can play within or outside the western coalition to fight Daesh?”.  Kofi Annan answered back that Russia or any country from the international coalition won’t be able to act efficiently in Syria if they don’t work hand in hand with the countries around Syria (Turkey, Iraq,…). Thus, all the countries should work together in the organization of their actions and understand that it is the only way to overcome Daesh.

Thank you to Long Bernard Hoang, adjunct professor at EDHEC Business School for organizing the trip and coaching the students!

Edhec at Global Citizen Forum in Monaco
Edhec at Global Citizen Forum in Monaco


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