EDHEC at Luxe Pack Monaco 2016 in green

In Monaco from September 21st to September 23rd, Luxe Pack showcased all new trends in the sector of luxury packaging. Luxe Pack trend observers identified three major trends shaping the sector this year:

  • Frugality, illustrated by sober packagings in neutral colors, creating a sense of serenity (eg. Carven, L’eau intense)
  • Compulsive, illustrated by vibrant packagings in bright colours, creating a sense of happyness (eg. Nina Ricci Pop)
  • Imprint, illustrated by sophisticated packagings that play on contrasts and reliefs, appealing to nostalgia and culture. (eg. Mumm bottle and its red cord embedded in the glass)

Eco-consciousness is still present, as a macro-trend that cross frontiers, generations and sectors. This year, Luxe Pack Monaco awarded Bormioli Luigi Glass Maker for its eco-jars, lighter by 50%, and that cut CO2 emissions by 60% (by comparison to jars of equal capacity). What other initiatives did attract your attention and why? For those who could not attend, you might find interesting examples at http://www.luxepack.com/ or shade light on a green initiative you find relevant.


9 thoughts on “EDHEC at Luxe Pack Monaco 2016 in green”

  1. I was happily surprised to discover such a huge important number of exposants at Luxe Pack. For sure it helps me to understand how packaging is that much important in the luxury industry. It was also really inspiring. I believe, it is a great opportunity to go there (either we are professionals or not) to better understand how we could imagine new forms of exhibiting and selling a product through its container. The Luxe Pack definitely have original, new and inventives ways of reinventing the packaging making it luxurious, but also more responsible environmentally , more developed sensorially, and more ethically produced. It is for sure good hopes and futures trends to bet on for the future of luxury!

    We can easily use the example of Yves Saint Laurent perfumes (produced and sold by L’Oréal) which chose to use almost fully-recyclable glass for its flasks. In this way, new products can be made from the old ones. This is a role model other brands should take example one. It is assuring its production responsibly, making sure to use as less natural ressources as possible.

  2. Nowadays, the idea of sustainability and environmental engagement in relation to luxury is widespread. Luxe Pack offered an opportunity to showcase new ideas and concepts on Green and Sustainable development within different fields.

    The brand Koktamills chose to develop a concept of packaging which is in line with sustainable development. The Aegle Luxe, is a box intended for cosmetic products and chocolate. The box has a very smooth touch. Its main strength is that it is manufactured in a cardboard fully recyclable. Moreover, all Koktamills’ raw materials come from different forests without putting one in danger.

    Luxury brands need to engage actions in line with sustainability, to improve their brand image and obtain an environmental footprint, valued by consumers.

  3. I had the chance to go to the Luxe Pack and it was really impressed. I was really surprised by the number of exhibitors and the variety of packaging. I wasn’t aware of the scope of possibilities in this field. It was a pleasure for the eyes to discover all those packaging in different sizes, shapes, textures, materials…
    The exhibitor Adesa caught my attention because they are specialized in producing labels for different kinds of products : wines & spirits, cosmetics, fine food… Their labels are nice and they propose a quite wide offer.
    In my point of view it’s a good example of responsible initiative. Since they produce paper labels, we might have a-prioris that they might “destroy trees & forests”. But actually they are really involved in environmental causes. They obtained green certifications such as “Imprim’ Vert”. They are active in the protection of the environment: They collect & treat waste, even dangerous ones in order to avoid pollution.
    Therefore, ADESA is a good example of a company which is eco-responsible in a sector which is often blamed for its lack of eco-consciousness.

  4. What could be the marketing without the packaging ? Maybe nothing ? However, in our contexte and the necessity to take care of our world it’s necessary for whole market to be aware that if brands want to grow they have to offer innovative and environmentally responsible packaging.
    One stand among others attracted me : NEOPAC. I was surprised in first place by the texture when I touched it. Afterwards, I could notice the difference regarding competition, because they do not use polypropylene only. They invented a new material, polywood, which is 25% made out of wood. Indeed, through this exemple, we can see that it is possible to produce better, more beautiful and responsible products.

  5. The packaging sector is an area which is singled out in terms of deforestation and bad impact on sustainable development.
    These companies should be more careful because they often use polluting materials, and lots of paper / cardboard. Most companies today is aware, and they try to reduce their ecological footprint.

    During my visit at Luxe Pack in Monaco, I was intrigued by the company IGGESUND. First by the beauty of their product, but also by the commitment and responsibility in environmental terms. It is a company that produces virgin fiber-based paperboard. She makes creations reliefs, which awakens the sense of touch of the consumer.

    The company uses recycled materials. Moreover, the company has acquired many certifications such as ISO certificates, FSC, certificates for composting…

    I think that today, companies are almost forced to be responsible and conscious of sustainable development. Firstly for the planet, and also to maintain a good brand image. (Knowing that customers are increasingly looking on this aspect “sustainable development”).


  6. I was delighted with the Luxe Pack’s visit. I could discover many interesting companies and I realized that we could do great things while having an ecological approach.
    I discovered the Ileos company which designs packaging (boxes, lipstick tubes) for the markets of perfumery, wines and spirits. This is 100% French manufacturing.
    This company works with major brands such as Dior, Guerlain, Clarins and Givenchy.
    The company creates outstanding packaging by combining intelligent strategy and unparalleled craftsmanship
    They strive to create an experience with the packaging. It needs to look great and perform as intended.
    For his approach to reducing the impact, eco-design brings many benefits allowing the company to stand out from the competition.

  7. More and more luxury brands pay attention to the sustainable initiatives. They are trying to mix luxury image and environmental aspects.
    My example is L’Oreal. Since 2007, the brand has launched a responsible packaging policy, which is based on 3 pillars: “Respect, Reduce and Replace”. This approach was added to the point of sales in 2015.
    The R of « Respect » concerns the environment: L’Oreal uses packaging that preserve biodiversity.
    The R of « Reduce » allows to optimising the weight and the volume and avoiding wastes.
    The R of « Replace » shows that L’Oreal uses recycled or biosourced materials in order to reduce the environmental footprint of products.

  8. Nowadays, prestige brands and their customers are more concerned about the design than the eco-responsible aspect of packaging.
    I think it’s more difficult in the luxury market than general market to implement a sustainable initiative.
    Sustainable’ and ‘luxury’ are two adjectives not often used in the same time.
    However, International fashion brand like Gucci for instance, launched 100% recyclable packaging with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) removing excess packaging.
    It proves that no paper come from an endangered forest.
    From my point of view, it’s a real reflection of the industry’s environmental concerns and a big step toward a greener future.

  9. Today, luxury brands take care of the sustainable development through their packaging and/or their action inside the company.
    During my visit at Luxe Pack, I was attracted by a Turkish company : Duran Dogan. It creates Gloss & Green, a new ecological alternative. This innovation provides to packaging a metallic or holographic finishing, which is perfectly glossy and 100% recyclable. Indeed, the material contains no plastic. Gloss & Green offers great opportunities to many sectors.
    I think it is one of the best green initiative. The packaging has added value to the product and it is also environmentally friendly.

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