New Business Models in the Luxury sector

Next session, we will be discussing those new business models developing in the luxury sector, in particular second-hand luxury and luxury for rent.

Read Vestiaire Collective case. Describe the business model: how is value created through these platforms? Conduct a SWOT analysis. Describe the client profile. What are the competitive advantages of VC (ie. study briefly the competitive landscape). What future do you foresee to this business model?

You might find interesting reading chapters of the book Vintage Luxury Fashion: Exploring the rise of the Second-Hand Clothing Trade (2018), Palgrave: London, UK. I co-autored two chapters:  Chapter 6 “Emotional and narrative accounts of second-hand Luxury Fashion purchases” and Chapter 12 “Vintage Fashion: A cross-cultural perspective”. Also I published in French with F.Pini and E.Rigaud, Chapitre 2 “Les nouvelles règles du luxe et leur impact sur les organisations : Les nouveaux Business Models” in Management du Luxe : Opportunités et Challenges (2019), Vuibert éditions : 39-53

Also interesting regarding second-hand luxury, two posts on my blog: 2017 Trends, Second Hand Luxury and Christie’s on Luxury handbags as an Investment (Feb 24, 2016 based on a conference by Christie’s, really interesting on the value of Hermes vintage bags).

Last, you could reflect on my interview in Trends&Tendance magazine

In addition please watch Sebastien Favre CEO of Vestiaire Collective on Youtube.

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