Le Negresco, “the unexpected palace” next door

EDHEC is lucky to be overlooking one of the Nicest bays in the world; and be the neighbour of a piece of French Riviera history: its Belle Epoque palace Le Negresco, proudly French and independant.

For security reasons, it will be difficult to go and visit the Palace this year. Please, go on your own and admire the neoclassical architecture. Le Negresco has been listed as National Historic Building by the French government since 2003. Have a look inside (have a coffee at La Rotonde if possible), admire the artistic pieces, among them Niki de Saint Phalle Nana Jaune (see picture below) besides the monumental Baccarat chandelier and Miles Davis statue at the door of the building. The lobby is full of Jeanne Augier, the charismatic owner of Negresco, family pictures (see picture below).

negresco-lustre-en-crystal-de-baccarat negresco-souvenirs-de-j-augier







Source pictures: Marie-Cécile Cervellon

Read the case and watch the Youtube video. Then comment on what makes Negresco authentic? Second, explain how the hotel manages to be responsible and provide a luxury experience at the same time. Is responsible luxury contradictory or complementary in the hospitality sector?



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