Hermès Strategic consistency

Hermès is one of those brands that is part of our (French) collective culture. Read the document I shared with you and answer to the following questions:

  1. Explain P.Thomas (2011) quote “Hermès’ performance has been driven by strategic consistency since 1837”. Highlight the elements of this strategy.
  2. Many firms operating in the luxury sector, such as Hermès have been family-owned businesses across generations. Identify reasons why family-ownership was dominant until recently.
  3. Explore Hermès digital initiatives and explain how this brand manages to be appealing to your generation without alienating the others.
  4. Explain the reasons behind Shang Xia’s introduction

It is important that you would visit the site Les Ailes d’Hermès and watch the playlist on Hermès contemporary artisan since 1837.

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