The Role of Creative directors at Luxury Houses

Luxury is about… Creativity. In March, we will be discussing the role of creative directors at Luxury Fashion Houses. Read the Insead case “Raf Simons at Dior”. Try to document yourself on the House of Dior. Then think about answers to the following questions: What is the role of a creative director in a luxury fashion house? In your opinion, are creative directors at Dior respectful to Christian Dior DNA? Why such a turnover of creative directors in the luxury industry?

You might find useful watching The Business of Fashion video below:

One thought on “The Role of Creative directors at Luxury Houses”

  1. interesting article …as creative director act as a figure head of any fashion house ,holding the success of business in hands , oversight and control all products and marketing in my opinion this man should lead the whole organisation as a CEO.

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